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Are Cupcakes Bad For You?

You Can Still Lose Weight and Eat Cupcakes, According to This Dietitian — Here's How

When you're trying to lose weight, it's easy to fall down a rabbit hole of restricting yourself from certain foods, thinking that will help you reach your goals faster. But Leanne Ward, known as the_fitness_dietitian on Instagram, wants you to think twice before stopping yourself from enjoying a little dessert.

"I get SO many women asking me questions around restricting, bingeing then restricting again," she wrote in her caption. "The key to long term weight loss/ maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to ALLOW YOURSELF TO EAT THE FOODS YOU LOVE! 🍭🍪🍦🍹🍩 THE MINUTE YOU RESTRICT - THE MINUTE YOUR BODY 'NEEDS' IT & YOU LOSE CONTROL."

She doesn't mean you should engorge yourself with sugary treats. Rather, "I'm simply saying to allow yourself to eat small amounts of anything you please when you're truly hungry & present in the moment (practise mindful eating). By letting yourself eat 'naughty' foods you're not restricting anything from your diet so you're much less likely to binge or overeat."

So the next time you pick up a cupcake (or a brownie, cookie, etc.), Leanne doesn't want you to think you're going to ruin your diet or "gain weight." Instead, she wants you to tell yourself that "life is about balance," and "one cupcake won't make you gain weight." So go ahead! Enjoy your life!

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