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I'm sure you've all known someone using "Natural" birth control. It goes by many names - "Family Planning," "Fertility Awareness Method" (FAM), and the "Rhythm Method."

Basically, you chart your menstrual cycle, so you know when you're ovulating. You avoid having sex around ovulation since having sex a few days before or after the day your egg is released, is a great way to become a mom.

Recently, I discovered CycleBeads. Don't they look a little like Rosary Beads? They're an easy visual way to chart your cycle.

The red bead symbolizes the first day of your period, so when Aunt Flo pops in for her monthly visit, just slip the little black ring on the red bead. Slide the ring down one bead each day. The darker beads represent days in your cycle where the risk of pregnancy is very LOW. The lighter beads are days when your risk is HIGH.

The CycleBeads Method ONLY works if you are completely aware and consistent about using it. Your cycle must be between 26 and 32 days. They're available for $13.95 online.

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