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I'm still coming off my Tour de France high, so anything biking related is peaking my interest these days.

Worried that my body type was not really that of a cyclist, I was delighted to read this recent article in the New York Times. Basically it explains that unlike running, cycling is a lot more forgiving of body type and age than running. Sure cyclists going up hills are generally those that are thin and strong, but heavier cyclists go faster downhill. Plus being light does not help much on flat roads. Furthermore, aging, highly penalizes runners over the years, but since cycling is not as demanding as running, age is not as much of a factor. In other words, no matter your body type or age, everyone has their time to shine while cycling. Maybe that is why we've seen lots of starlets on bikes these days.

Moral of the story. Running too hard for you? Try cycling because it truly is the one size fits all of the fitness world. My one question - where is this young lady's helmet!!!


lanilovespeaches lanilovespeaches 10 years
i'm doing the whole running thing cuz it's hard to bike in my neighborhood
brittanyrae brittanyrae 10 years
i know that running is hard on the knees and so i've heard that as you age running can become a chore, and cycling is a great way to make up for that along with many other types of exercise. but for those of you guys out there that are fretting the days when you need to retire your sneakers, don't ! my grandfather is 80 years old and still runs 2 miles everyday, and he even still runs marathons every weekend! also, my uncle is 52 and continues to run 6 miles everyday, he looks about 35 and my grandfather looks about 65! they really are a motivation to me, and maybe the thought of them can be to you too :)
melda melda 10 years
fit why dont you write about saddle sore? we need it!
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 10 years
I love biking, but I hate saddle soreness :/
peppahmink peppahmink 10 years
For future reference, one's interest in "piqued" not "peaked."
UTnikki81 UTnikki81 10 years
I took a completely unnecessary break from the gym when I first jumped into the working world and biking has been amazing for getting me back into shape more quickly. Especially when running wasn't too kind to my knees. It's fun also!
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