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DIY Cleaners: Hand Sanitizer, Yoga Mat Spray, Produce Wash

3 DIY Holiday Gifts For Germaphobes

Everyone loves getting gifts, especially when they're homemade. The extra effort that goes into making a DIY gift shows the recipient that you put a little extra thought and care into the finished product — not to mention a little elbow grease. Now that it's Winter, there's a lot of extra sniffling going on. Show the germaphobe in your life that you really get them by mixing up one of these DIY cleansers. Package it in a pretty bottle with a bow and you're done! All easy to make, you probably already own most of the ingredients.

  1. Hand sanitizer: For times your germaphobe can't get to a sink, hand sanitizer is their best friend. Make your own to save on money and to cut down on waste. All it takes is some aloe vera gel and rubbing alcohol. You can also add tea tree oil to the mix, or, if you prefer something less antiseptic smelling, try lavender oil.
  2. Yoga/Pilates mat cleaner: Exercise mats can get pretty gross, so everyone should be in the habit of cleaning them often. Surprise your germaphobic friend with a spray bottle of homemade mat cleaner. They can pop it into their gym bag and sanitize before and after every use.
  3. Produce wash: Unfortunately, water is not enough to clean produce. To really get the germs off, you need produce wash made from water, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon.
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matsana matsana 5 years
Anybody who has reasonable standards of personal hygiene should realize that those standards should be applied to yoga mats too! How gross to essentially wipe a studio floor with your mat and then put your face and hands on it. But that is what people do without realizing it. A good gift for a germaphobe is a yoga class gift certificate from a studio that has a Matsana mat sanitizing machine.
Avshen Avshen 5 years
The most creative gifs I found for my germaphone friends and family are covers for their cell phones, iPads and macbooks that keeps them antibacterial and non toxic.
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