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DIY: Remove Sweat Stains from T-Shirts

If you workout (or even if you don't), chances are you sweat. Any good exerciser has one or two favorite shirts that have acquired the yellowish sweat stains in the armpit area. That is the worst.

Here's a unique way to get rid of those nasty sweat stains from

To remove perspiration stains from white T-shirts, dissolve two aspirins in half a cup of warm water and apply to the area of the fabric where the stain is. This should be left for a couple of hours before washing.

Hair turning green from the chlorine in the pool? There is a cool way to get that out too, so

Yellow or green hair from chlorine in a swimming pool can be remedied very quickly by dissolving 8 aspirin tablets in a glass of water and rubbing the resulting liquid into your hair. Leave for about ten minutes and then rinse it out. Shampoo in the usual way.

Easy, right? If you try it, let me know how it works.


Rosy71 Rosy71 10 years
Thank you so much! cheers, Rosy.
arienne arienne 10 years
jill12: Ultraswim is still available. You can buy it on Amazon and there is more information on the website
jill12 jill12 10 years
I get so frustrated with my white tees turning yellow, thanks for the tip. Also, when I was a kid we used shampoo called Ultraswim (I think) to take the green hue out of our blonde hair. I was wondering if you can buy it anymore or if there is a comparable one out there now. I have a bottle of Pureology (in the light green bottle) for myself that works well, but it is so expensive I hate using it on my three blonde boys all summer.
ktdid214 ktdid214 10 years
thank god for this.
jessiedallas jessiedallas 10 years
thanks! but does this only work on white t-shirts, or on other colors and fabrics also? anyone know?
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
I wish i had known this green hair check when i was young! my hair is changing color now, but i was in a pre-teen beauty pageant, and went swimming in the hotel pool, and my hair turned green just in time for the competition! hahahaha
Ikandy Ikandy 10 years
Sweet thankx fit...Also that tip with the baby powder, thanx swp2885. Ima try both, see which ones work husbands shirts can be saved as well...
CamillaCat CamillaCat 10 years
Yep, the Crystal deodorant will prevent the yellow stains.
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
Yuck. Looks like pee stains.
diorbaby diorbaby 10 years
Thank you so much! My tops are saved!
jkat jkat 10 years
Rinsing hair with vinegar, leaving on for five minutes is also an effective - but smelly - solution for removing chlorine-induced green from hair.
TheMissus TheMissus 10 years
Also... One way to avoid getting the grosso yellow pit stains is to wear crystal deoderant. I haven't had any stains on my shirts since I started wearing it. White blouses are saved!!!
jhuck jhuck 10 years
I also read somewhere that meat tenderizer mixed with a little water to create a paste and scrubbed into sweat stains works too. I just haven't been able to find meat tenderizer to try it.
Swp2885 Swp2885 10 years
Swp2885 Swp2885 10 years
this is an awsome tip- I also picked up a tip watching good morning america last month, if you pour baby powder onto the pits of your shirts and iron it in so it sets, the baby powder creats a barrier for sweat stains and you don't get those yellow stains on your shirt
glamorouswink glamorouswink 10 years
your saving me, and my clothes, thanks!!
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