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DVD Review: 10 Minute Solution Quick Tummy Toners

I have rarely met a 10 Minute Solution video I didn't like. Lately I can't get enough of Pilates Perfect Body, but I decided to mix up my routine with 10 Minute Solution Quick Tummy Toners. The video promises five 10-minute workouts that all focus on slimming your waist and strengthening your core. Rather than sticking strictly to Pilates or yoga, the video uses both, in addition to a cardio segment.

I expected (and hoped) that a 50-minute ab workout would leave my core muscles pleasantly sore — so I could really feel it working. But in this sense, I was disappointed. I wasn't really sore the next day at all, but I wanted to be. While I enjoyed the workout and found it easy to follow, I felt like it should have worked my abs harder. The yoga abs portion was compelling and would be tough for beginners, but it wasn't as focused on tummy toning as I would have liked. I also really liked the cardio interlude — it was tough but fun — but it lacked core concentration.

Though the segments stressed the idea of whittling away the waist, that idea seemed more symbolic than strenuous. While I'll keep this DVD on hand to mix up my routine, I'm going to keep looking for the ultimate ab workout.

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aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
No pain no if you're not feeling it what's the point?
Fawness Fawness 8 years
I agree. While the cardio segment was good, the rest aren't intense enough. I did like the sports abs one which left me a little sore the next day but after a while they are too easy because there aren't enough reps.
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