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DVD Review: 10-Minute Solutions Hip-Hop Dance Mix

I tend to avoid hip hop-based fitness videos, out of fear the instructors will be too perky for my taste. But since I like the 10-Minute Solution series, I leaped into 10-Minute Solution Hip-Hop Dance Mix DVD ($13.50) hoping for a good workout and some new moves for the dance floor.

Though most of the routines aren't very club-worthy, they make for a hearty, thorough, but not super-intense cardio workout. To really get your heart pumping, do all five 10-minute segments in quick succession. The instructor is perky but not annoying and very accessible; she assigns names to all the moves and calls them out clearly to help you can keep up.

If you're a beginner, I recommend starting with the first segment, hip-hop basics. It will help you get a feel for the steps and how the routines build on each other. As with most dance-based fitness videos, you learn the moves one by one and add more as you go to form longer combos. Some of the routines — particularly Edgy Grooves and Cardio Street Heat — are hard to follow on first viewing, but after a few tries, even beginners will find them manageable.

You don't have to have a dance background to do this video; just the patience to learn. My only complaint was the music: your typical Casio-esque fitness DVD beats. I think some actual hip hop would motivate me to move even more.

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