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DVD Review: Back in Step

My back has been giving me a bit of trouble recently so I decided to check out a DVD I was sent for review called Back in Step: The Road to Recovery From Back Pain ($23.50).

If you can get past the dated graphics, cheesy acting, and long, wordy explanations, this DVD offers some great tips and tools for recovering from back pain and maintaining a healthy back. It's more of a, "so your back hurts, here is what to do in the future to prevent it," rather than ways to help a back that is already hurting. After watching the DVD, I did realize that I do certain things in a way that actually put a lot of strain on my back such as how I get out of bed, brush my teeth, and bend down to pick things up. So in an effort to prevent further strain on my back in the future, I have started trying to use the tips I learned from the video and I can already tell the difference. I know I will be using the tips daily, but I can't say I'll be revisiting the DVD anytime soon — it's not something I'll keep in my library like I do my favorite workout videos.

The tips in the DVD are valuable for anyone who is looking to avoid or stop back problems, but if you are already suffering from chronic back pain you should probably skip the DVD and see a doctor.


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hotstuff hotstuff 9 years
Sounds great I know a lot of people suffer from back pain!
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