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DVD Review: The Best of Tamilee's Buns, Abs, & Arms

DVD Review: The Best of Tamilee's Buns, Abs, & Arms

I didn't have time to hit the gym last night, so I decided to pop in a new DVD instead. I gave The Best of Tamilee's Buns, Abs, & Arms ($14.99) a go and it was tough. I am not sure if you've ever tried her Buns of Steel or Abs of Steel series, but basically The Best of video takes her favorite exercises from each of those workouts to give you a more total body workout.

The video is comprised of three 15 minute segments: Buns, Abs, and Arms. Tamilee uses light dumbbells, a step and an exercise mat. Since I don't have a step at home, I just did the whole thing with weights and a mat. The buns segment is a lot of squats and lunges. The abs segment is a lot of crunches and isometric "squeezing" and the arms segment is actually deceiving because you end up doing a lot of full body work and core work, not just your arms. There is not really any cardio to this DVD, other than the quick warm-up in the beginning. While your heart will definitely get pumping after you've been squatting for a few minutes, you may want to consider going on a light jog when you're done.

To get my final take on the DVD just


Overall I enjoyed the workout. Tamilee has a no fuss approach to getting the exercises done. There is no clubby music. There are no crazy backup exercisers. To me, this made it a little more relaxing than the videos that are all hyped up. What's more? I can already feel it in my legs, which you know I love. I'd definitely recommend this workout to someone wanting a quick, no thrills, at home exercise routine.

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