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DVD Review: Flexxation With Amy Cheryl

Yoga is an infinitely flexible (pun intended) form of exercise and many fitness enthusiasts are capitalizing on this fact and combining yoga with other disciplines like Pilates or strength training. I just tried a new DVD by Amy Cheryl that combines elements of Latin dance grooves, yoga, and strength training with resistance bands, to create what she calls Flexxation ($30). Her motto is "Exxtasy thru Exercise" and she really does want you to have a good time and feel, as in literally touch, your muscles while they are working. Her energy is truly inviting and she cues the dance sections really well so you never feel lost in the moves.

The Flexxation DVD contains two half hour long workouts, one dance mixxed mixed with strength training, and the other Yogaflexx, which combines traditional yoga poses with resistance band work. The DVD also contains a bonus ab workout that works all the abs with no crunches. All and all, I think these workouts would be great for beginners, but for those familiar with strength training and yoga this DVD will move too slowly. The instructions are all very clear, and the workout offers easier variations as well. I love that the DVD comes with a flexxband, aka resistance band, since the band makes the workout more challenging and fun.

You can purchase a copy of the DVD directly from the Flexxation store. Amy Cheryl also teaches group classes at the LA Equinox.

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redsilkshoes redsilkshoes 8 years
Y'know, I have a REALLY hard time spending $30 for a DVD, fitness or otherwise. Even Cathe Friedrich doesn't charge that and she's on the higher end of pricing. I think I'll pass, regardless of how good this is.
chatabox chatabox 8 years
Can I find this DVD anywhere? Like Target
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