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DVD Review of Jennifer Kries New Body Pilates II

DVD Review: Jennifer Kries New Body Pilates II

If Pilates has become your new obsession, you might want to add this intermediate mat workout to your fitness DVD library. Combined with New Body! Pilates, the Jennifer Kries New Body Pilates II DVD will give you a great introduction to the fundamentals and favorite exercises of Pilates practice. The video features the expert Kries explaining the moves as they are demonstrated by her sidekick Kim, so it feels like you're sitting in on a private Pilates lesson or taking one of your own.

Though New Body Pilates II builds on the basics taught in part one, you'll still enjoy the sequel if you haven't seen the first one, as long as you have some basic Pilates knowledge. For all the details,


This 35-minute workout features classic Pilates moves: the rollup, the saw, and several variations on the plank. As Kries explains, the more focused you are, the fewer reps you need to do. On most moves, she guides you through about eight reps, though in some cases, she suggests you can do more if you have more time.

The slow-paced workout won't wear you out, but the moves get more and more challenging toward the end, so if it feels too easy at first, just wait a few minutes! If you've got some energy left, I also recommend the 10-minute arm-sculpting bonus workout at the end, which is best performed with one- or two-pound weights. I'll definitely be returning to this DVD in the new year.

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