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DVD Review: Shiva Rea — Surf Yoga Soul

I'm a huge fan of Shiva Rea and all her yoga videos, so I was thrilled to hear she had a new video called Surf Yoga Soul ($15). You don't have to be a surfer to enjoy this video, since it focuses on creative movements that open your body and heart, and strengthen your muscles and mind, to help you "surf the power of the life force within you." OK, that might be a little cheesy, but the DVD is great fun.

There are seven segments you can complete at once for a 75-minute workout, or you can choose the ones you have time for and create your own personal workout. One called Agni Namaskar is a challenging variation of sun salutations developed to strengthen the core muscles and the upper body. She takes you through the same series of nine rounds of 12 push-ups that she included in her video Creative Core + Upper Body. My arms and upper back were sore for two days afterward, so needless to say, I loved this part of the video. Another segment called Balance Flow cultivates your balancing skills doing poses such as Warrior 3 and Side Crow, and opens your hips doing stretches such as Extended Pigeon. The other segments include meditation, breathwork, flexibility, and rest (Savasana).

This is one of Shiva Rea's best Yoga DVDs because it's both challenging and creative, and targets every part of the body. My muscles felt the perfect balance of being strengthened, lengthened, and opened. I could see myself doing this video regularly and not getting bored. I definitely recommend this DVD to both beginner and advanced yogis, so if you're interested, you can order it through Acacia.

To see a clip of this Surf Yoga Soul,


Join The Conversation
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Love Shiva Rea! I feel so great after doing her dvds, especially love Yoga Shakti.
pimprenelle pimprenelle 8 years
I have her dvd called Fluid Power which I find absolutely awesome. I once used it to stay fit on holiday because I didn't have access to a gym. I do rowing at my university and we always get told off for losing our fitness during the holiday, but by using this dvd maybe 4 times a week I had managed to keep my muscles in pretty good condition, especially my core and upper body/back which are crucial for rowing. Yay for shiva rea! I also love her voice.
dd-sugar dd-sugar 8 years
Love her soothing voice. I also have Creative Core and Upper Body. Now when I'm waiting on the microwave (at home), I drop and do 20 push-ups easy!
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
mparker mparker 8 years
I'm a big fan of Shiva. Her style promotes fluidity and freedom, which I really like. I just gor her Radiant Heart DVD and I really like it, along with her Creative Core and Upper Body...when fitsugar wrote about the 108 push-ups, I just had to challenge myself as well. I defintely going to get this new DVD as well, I'm sure I'll love it !!!
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