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DVD Review: Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom

In preparation for summer (yay!) I figured I'd check out a new DVD that was sent to me called, Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom with Minna Lessig ($12.99). You start with a very aerobics oriented warm-up, that I've got to say, was pretty vigorous. It was nice to get right into it, though I couldn't help but think what the actual workout was going to be like if this was just the warm up.

I'm pretty picky when it comes to workout DVDs so to find out what I thought


After the warm up you move into the tank top arm circuit, which includes exercises for the arms and upper body. This is followed by the bikini belly portion (core/abs), boy shorts bottom circuit (legs/booty), full body toning circuit (the toughest and my favorite portion), and cool down — each are broken into about 15 minute segments. You're going to need light and heavier dumbbells, or soup cans/water bottles if you don't have a set at home. With the exception of a few of them (I had to laugh at the shoulder shimmy, since I felt like I was shaking my boobs for the TV), most of the exercises presented are good standard exercises that you can incorporate into your gym routine — most are those that I already do on a regular basis.

I'm not sure how I feel about the instructor saying things like, "Come on, give it to me," as a form of encouragement, but the workout is really good if you can get past it. I suggest you break it up by doing one section on its own day along with some form of cardio. Also, be sure to start with a light weight and move to heavier weights as you get stronger. I highly suggest this DVD to someone looking to get in a good resistance workout without all the frills — I'll definitely be doing it again, and again.

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Livvy-P Livvy-P 9 years
I just picked up this DVD at Target, and I am going to start it today, since I can't get to the gym. I'm glad that there are positive reviews!
Novaraen Novaraen 9 years
I may just look into getting this, it sounds like what i need. When i cant get to the gym, i would love to have some kind of exercise dvd to use at home so i dont feel guilty. :D
nikkizubes nikkizubes 9 years
I have this DVD and I love it!
absolutromantic absolutromantic 9 years
VERY little space is needed; I do it in the bedroom of my tiny Manhattan apartment. You need enough room to lie down on the floor (which I do at a diagonal, to give you an idea of how small my space is). The fact that so little space is needed is a big reason why I love this.
beram1220 beram1220 9 years
Anyone know how much space you need to do the workouts??
sunshyne sunshyne 9 years
I love Minna's workouts. Her Quick Fix seriers, Arms and Legs is awesome. And so is her Emergency Workout. These used to come on Comcast on-demand. They still might come on, but I don't have that sevice anymore. Anyhoo, she is fun and doesn't mind being silly with her dance moves. Her bubbly personality allows her to let go and do a shimmy.
shalee55 shalee55 9 years
uptown_girl uptown_girl 9 years
I just ordered this off Amazon after reading your recommendation! I hope I like it!! I'm looking for something extra to do if I don't feel like going to the gym, or if it's too cold to jog! The "Tank Top Arms" part really got me interested. My arms have gotten so fat lately! haha.. Wish me luck!
ashleygaidhlig ashleygaidhlig 9 years
Thanks for the review- I'm looking forward to getting a hold of this dvd and trying it!
absolutromantic absolutromantic 9 years
I actually just got done doing the DVD this morning. This is my favorite exercise DVD - I love it! If you use heavier weights, you really get a great workout with some good results. I agree that it's best to break it up and do one segment each day. I've actually used the arms/tummy and back/legs breakdown to structure all my workouts. That is, thanks to this DVD I'm now on a three day rotation. It works well, because you don't need to know all the individual muscles to know whether you're working the top, middle, or bottom of your body! My arms especially are looking fantastic thanks to this DVD. Oh, and contrary to the Sugar review, I actually like the shoulder shimmy. I find it works well and makes my arms sore as long as I don't take it up to that fastest pace that they do at the end. I stay at the middle one, because otherwise I lose the form and it really does become just shaking your boobs. If you take it slow and concentrate on the arms, you WILL "get that feeling."
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