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DVD Review: Weight Loss — Cardio Kick

Although I'm not a huge fan of DVDs that have the words "weight loss" on the cover, I did love the Weight Loss — Cardio Sculpt video I reviewed a while back.

Here's another video from that series called Weight Loss — Cardio Kick ($15). This DVD follows the same format of a few minutes of cardio, and a few minutes of strength training with weights, so it goes by really fast. The cardio portion includes high-energy kickboxing and martial arts-influenced cardio moves like punching, kicking, and pretend jumping rope to burn calories. The sculpting section leads you through combo moves such as bicep curls with squats, and lunges with deadlifts. There are a few workout options you can choose from. Do the total 51-minute workout including warmup, two cardio/sculpting workouts, and the cooldown, or if you don't have as much time, do the 31-minute workout including warmup, one cardio/sculpting workout, and cooldown.

For more of my opinion on this DVD keep reading.

What I love about this video is that the moves are really basic yet effective. The instructor is friendly and encouraging, but not overly annoyingly so. She gets right down to business and I was definitely sweating and feeling my muscles burn, especially my quads and glutes. This video definitely focuses more on cardio and less on strength training, so it's a great alternative to going for a jog or light bike ride. If you like cardio kickboxing classes, this video will be great to have when you can't make it to the gym. Another bonus is that there's a 16-page booklet inside that includes healthy recipes from Cooking Light, since they know diet goes hand-in-hand with exercise when it comes to dropping pounds.

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laellavita laellavita 7 years
i take violet's class at my gym and I LOVE HER. she's so fantastic and the class is always always full with loyal followers -- but what's most important is that she really gets us to work. i haven't tried the dvd but i totally recommend her
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