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DVD Review: Zumba Total Body Transformation System

If your home fitness routine is feeling a little dull, you can seriously spice up your workouts by having a Zumba party in front of your DVD player. Zumba is a dance workout that doubles as a tasting tour of popular Latin dances, from salsa to samba. You can experiment with shaking your hips and hone your shoulder shimmy with no one watching but your dog with the Zumba Total Body Transformation System ($60).

This six-DVD set includes a basic workout, which is a 60-minute tutorial of the "basic" dance moves used in Zumba; a 20-minute express workout; two 50-minute dance workouts; a toning workout; and an abs workout. The set also includes two fitness toning sticks — lightweight dumbbells that double as maracas to help you get your rhythm on.

See what I thought of the workout.

The Dance Party workout was certainly fun, the moves were fairly easy to follow, and the instruction was great. The workout is fairly low impact and the Latin music is infectious — it's hard to stay still with the enticing beats. My heart rate stayed consistently elevated in my fat-burning zone. I didn't burn as many calories as I would have if I ran for an hour, but I certainly had a lot of fun. I found the 45-minute Tone and Sculpt more challenging cardio-wise and just as fun. If you're interested in Zumba and can't find a class near you, these DVDs are a great way to experience the fun. If you like to dance, but want to hone your moves before going public, this DVD is a great way to expand your comfort zone. However, if following dance moves is difficult for you, the instructors don't provide easier moves for you to try. I think if you stumble along, you will definitely get a great workout and learn the steps as you go.

You can purchase the DVD set directly from Zumba.

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Jenn-B Jenn-B 6 years
Purchased this set with high expectations as I had taken a class and really enjoyed it. When I received it, I followed the directions to review the Introduction portion of the DVD first to learn the steps. Here is what I found: 1. Nearly all the instructors look completely bored or frustrated at the fact that they are taking the time to walk you through the steps. It's not easy to convey complete distain for your audience on a DVD but they manage. 2. There is no "work up to it" part of the video or beginner speed. You get three steps to learn the new steps and then are expected to do it a full speed right away. VERY frustrating and nearly impossible I imagine for most. 3. The "Instructional introduction" section is an HOUR long. After 50 minutes I was exhausted, frustrated and near tears. So I decided to return the purchase and that is when the real fun began. I went to the website and followed the instructions to return the item. The link took me to a website where the instructions were to input the last 6 numbers of my order number. When I did, the message I received was "Unable to verify order number". This went on for several days. I sent them an email explaining the problem and received no phone call or response to my email. Not even an acknowledgement that they received my email. Finally I decided to call customer service. You should be aware that the order receipt says their office hours are 6 am to 5 pm Pacific Time. However, if you call their office outside of their regular office hours, the message says their office hours are 5am to 6pm Pacific Time. To make it even more confusing, if you go to their website and click on their contact tab, their office hours are listed as 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time. I called (at 4pm Pacific Time) and spoke with a customer service rep. After all that confusion and effort, the rep gave me my "return confirmation number" and told me to write it on the outside of the box. Turns out that number was just my ORDER NUMBER! Would have saved a lot of time and energy if they had just said that somewhere on the order slip or website. I found this whole experience very frustrating. In an effort to save someone else the hassle, if you need to return your DVD set, use the return label inside the box and just write the order number on the outside of the box in marker and send it back. Will post again when I receive my money back...let's see how long that takes....
arianamarie arianamarie 6 years
this is my religion, i do it everyday
northen123 northen123 7 years
I've just bought the DVDs to try this at home. I'm really looking forward to it and, once I'm experienced enough, will aim to be a certified instructor.
Steinerboo Steinerboo 7 years
I love workout DVDs, and I'm always looking to expand my collection. Since people here seem to be familiar with Zumba can you answer this: Are there a lot of pivoting movements though the knees? I've had to retire my other dance-oriented DVDs because they bothered my (prone-to-injury) knee joints. But straight-up aerobics can get so dull!
ladyliz ladyliz 7 years
Zumba is the best! I take classes once a week at the local recreation center to give me a boost. Then I follow-up with the dvd's at home. It's so addicting and fun.
sunshinepointe sunshinepointe 7 years
I love Zumba - I'm registered to get my certification to instruct in October and I'm counting down the days. It can be a fantastic cardio workout with the right instructor. I burn up to 800 calories in a one hour class. Can't imagine working off of a DVD though, the energy from the room is what really gets me going.
mikalakai mikalakai 7 years
I LOVE Zumba. I go three times a week and would go more if I could! I'm always in a good mood on the days I go. It's a great, fun, effective workout.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Some of my friends go to the local Y to do this workout. They love it!
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