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Dangers of Extreme Dieting

Megan Fox Understands the Dangers of Extreme Dieting

After ditching her vegan diet four months prior, Megan Fox showed off her new, softer look at the Friends With Kids premiere. Her strict no meat, eggs, or dairy diet also excluded bread, sugar, and cups of joe. It's great to see this photo of Megan looking healthy and radiant, but it's also reminded me of the dangers connected to extreme dieting.

For starters, when you deny your body certain food groups, you risk not meeting your daily essential vitamin and nutrient requirements. From how you look to your overall health can be affected. Brittle hair, nails, and bones, skin problems, anemia, diabetes, and heart problems are just a few of the complications a person may experience when a diet results in vitamin deficiencies. Extreme dieting may also mean you're not eating enough calories, which can result in quick weight loss. But dangerously low calorie consumption also slows your metabolism. Your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto energy stores, so when you stop dieting and go back to a regular diet, you end up gaining weight.

Your daily life can also be affected by extreme dieting. Not consuming enough brain-boosting foods or calories makes it difficult to concentrate, reduces energy levels, and weakens your immune system, making you more susceptible to missing work or school. Strict diets also affect your social life. You may worry about what others will say when they see you not eating basic food groups, so you skip out on plans involving food. Not to mention, very strict diets are impossible to maintain long-term, and if insane cravings take over, you'll end up binging and gaining weight.

Hollywood often associates beautiful with thin, so it's no wonder many of us try whatever it takes to slim down, so tell me . . .

Image Source: WireImage
anniefish anniefish 6 years
I hardly think veganism can be considered an "extreme" diet.
laurenislost laurenislost 6 years
I have considered going gluten free and dairy free because of a health condition, even my doctor recommended juicing for me, so maybe there are some benefits to this.
Veropie Veropie 6 years
I really think this post comes off extremely wrong. The general tone is that vegan = extreme/dangerous. It's perfectly possible to eliminate food groups and still get all the nutrients one needs. Just because some hollywood starlet perverts the notion of what being vegan is and maybe (and that's a big maybe since this all seems to be based on assumptions about her state of health while vegan) takes it and/or makes it extreme, that should not result in our putting vegan under the label of extreme dieting. It is just as possible to be deficient in nutritients, vitamins, etc. while consuming all food groups. Perhaps the intent of the post was not to give that impression but that is exactly the way it came across so I have to completely agree with glitter junkie on this one.
BlancaRocio BlancaRocio 6 years
Is a vegan diet considered extreme?
SKIERrunner SKIERrunner 6 years
Megan looks great so whatever she's doing, it's working. Don't think vegan should be labeled extreme. You need to cautious to make sure you get enough protein. I just started "the 5 minute snack diet" because I can eat all day. My son and daughter-in-law have been vegan for years. He's overweight, I can't quite figure out how that's possible.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I had thought about it quite a few times, but I never actually had the ability to try one. Years and years ago I would think 'Oh I wish I could try that, it might work." But then I'd go and eat some french fries... So glad I lost my weight the healthy way!
Jenny-Sugar Jenny-Sugar 6 years
Hey glitter junkie - I was referring to Megan's vegan diet coupled with no bread, sugar, or coffee. She was eating mostly raw fruits and veggies, which I feel is extreme. I definitely agree that solely being vegan shouldn't be labeled as extreme.
glitter-junkie glitter-junkie 6 years
Hey, quit it with the 'vegan is extreme' label. Any diet can be extreme. I don't like it when people say they are 'vegan' when really they mean they are 'cutting out a whole load of food groups to diet'. It's not the same thing. Most vegans I know eat bread and drink coffee sometimes too, just as onmivores do. People pretending to have ethical views on food to mask eating disorders should be helped without branding everyone who chooses to be vegan - and healthy - with the same label.
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