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Dannon Activia's Health Claims False? WTF?!

Dannon Activia's Health Claims False? WTF?!

A newly filed proposed class action suit is accusing Dannon Co Inc of creating a massive false advertising campaign that convinces consumers to pay more for Activia — yogurt containing "probiotic" bacteria — because of the product's health benefits.

The lawsuit refers to scientific reports showing, counter to Dannon's advertising, that there is no real or "clinical" evidence that the bacteria prevents illness or is beneficial to healthy adults. What's more? The suit says that Dannon's own studies failed to support its advertised claims and that the company was aware of it the whole time.

OK, what now? I, for one, buy Activia a lot. Not only do I like its smaller size in comparison to other yogurt containers, but I also thought I was doing great things for my gut, but it is definitely a bit pricier. I'm going to be holding off for a bit and sticking to other brands of yogurt that aren't facing class action suits, but boy, what a bummer.


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