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Is Dating or Marriage Worse For Your Waistline?

Dating can be tough for many reasons, but especially if you're trying to watch your weight. The calories from all those drinks and dinners out can add up, and on top of that, dates can seriously cut into your gym time. But according to a recent story in Shape, living together or getting married may be even harder on the love handles.

Citing a recent study by the Obesity Society, Shape writes:

Women who were dating put on an average of 15 pounds over five years, those who were living with a romantic partner gained 18 pounds and the newly married packed on 24 pounds. You spend the most time with your loved one, so you're bound to be influenced by his eating habits, says Lauren Antonucci, M.S., R.D., director of New York City-based Nutrition Energy. This can lead to weight gain since women generally don't need as many calories as men.

I was initially surprised by this statistic, but now that I think about it, it makes sense. It's hard not to be influenced by your significant other. At least when you are dating, you have time alone to stick to your usual eating habits. Whether you're single or attached, Shape also has some great tips on controlling your eating habits while in a relationship, so check it out.

What about you? Do you think dating or coupledom is worse for your waistline?


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Vaadsfweytes Vaadsfweytes 8 years
I'm usually good at controlling my weight. But, once I dated a restaurateur, and I gained unbelievable amount of weight in such a short period of time. On the other side, I love cooking, and most of guys I date usually gain lots of weight because of my food. It's good that I like men a bit chunky.
blue-skies blue-skies 8 years
I'm 22 and at a dangerous stage, as this is the first time I am actually gaining from having a crazy (albeit vegetarina since I was 12) diet with too many sweets! Also, I'm getting married next summer! Haha! If anything, I am trying to start up healthy habits that are not too extreme but that keeps me fit and healthy, i.e. something I can keep up even in the future, with children, full-time job etc. I think that is a lot more realistic than to go for some crazy super detox starve yourself + work out too hard every 6 months. The biggest problem for me in living together with my fiance (I have for the last three years) is that he eats INSANE portions. And he's skinnier than I am! When I was at home with my family and spoke to him once, he was talking about how he'd made too much stir-fried vegetables with rice... so he put it all in a big serving bowl and used that as his plate at the table! I make sure I serve myself, he puts 3 times as much as I need to eat on my plate. And I have a big appetite!
joanna33t joanna33t 8 years
All my girlfriends warned me about the weight gain during the first year of marriage! I've been married 10 months now and I've put on about 5 lbs that I'm struggling to lose. Thankfully I'm keeping an eye on it, so 5 lbs isn't that much... but I'd still like to lose it!
booglass booglass 8 years
I've been married 13 years and I am here to tell you that marriage makes the battle of the bulge tougher. Of course, I can't even remember what it was like to be single. I do however, remember that I had a much smaller caboose!
mtiger mtiger 8 years
I gained a lot of weight when my boyfriend and I first started dating two years ago. But when he moved in 6 months ago, I started eating healthy...and I've lost 30 pounds! It's hard, though, because he eats all the time and has a fast metabolism. My will power has gotten stronger! Haha!
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
Well, my boyfriend is a pig. He literally will eat anything. So, because he eats so much and pretty much anything, I have sort of developed his habits. I feel bad if he eats and I am not eating. (On top of the other reasons I eat, because of boredom) I have DEFINITELY gained weight since moving in together -- with pizza and fried anything almost every day. Sadly, he still stays 6'2 and 160 lbs. Now me on the other hand -- I am a waste! However, I have started a diet because I am so ridiculous. At 22, I should really NOT want to be a fat ass.
sierra16 sierra16 8 years
* definitely
sierra16 sierra16 8 years
I definetly gained a few after moving in with my fiance 6 months ago, but i'm starting to lose the weight without doing anything diffrent. :shrug:
ConstantHappines ConstantHappines 8 years
I would have to say marriage is worse on your waistline. I always watched what I ate and when, when I was dating my guy. We got married and....yea..forget about any diet.. It's almost like I hooked him now so why do I have to fret over every little calorie. AND of course LIVING together didn't help either.. I picked up a lot of bad eating habits from him . Dont get me wrong ladies! I STILL love to dress up for him and keep in shape just because..but I don't go overboard like I used to when I was dating because he loves me for me :)
rickimc rickimc 8 years
I think it all depends on eating habits. I know my fiance and I now eat out a lot more than we will once we have a house. And when I cook, I don't cook huge meals and if I make more than one serving a person, it immediately goes into the fridge for lunch the next day.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I got more in shape after I met my husband and I stayed that way. Like GlowingMoon, I did it more for myself than anything.
Ladytron7000 Ladytron7000 8 years
When I was single or when I'm working a lot, I just didn't take the time to eat well, and I split all meals in half part for portion control and part for having another meal later. I was a waitress, burning a lot of calories walking when my husband and I first moved in together, so I stayed the same. But then I quit smoking, started law school and started baking and gained 5. Summer associate, another 4. My husband is a chef and we like to cook, eat out, and drink wine and beer. I do watch it enough to maintain a healthy, curvy 6. The cheese he brings home is delicious but just makes my ass feel fatter, so I eat just a few little slices then say "no". Now if I could just get him to do the same...
secrethoughts secrethoughts 8 years
Unless you're marrying a health freak, I think this is definitely true. I totally gained after I got married. I never was one to gain while dating really...
Allytta Allytta 8 years
first few month are beneficial, but then not so much :) all my girlfriends lose a lot of weight during first months... love and all :D
Advah Advah 8 years
Citypixie, I'm with you. :) Happiness makes me feel full, and seems to burn calories as even when I have a bigger meal than I'm used to, it doesn't feel like it at all. Hah forgot to mention that towards my last relationship I lost a lot of weight because things were so bad I couldn't even look at food. And that's actually pretty much the only good thing I got out of dating that guy. :D
citypixie citypixie 8 years
i have to disagree, at least when it comes to dating. When I'm dating, i'm usually so happy that I don't feel hungry at all and can survive on coffee 2 days straight. and when i'm supposed to eat a meal together with somebody special, i just don't eat very much bc i'm too scared they'll think i'm a pig;)
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 8 years
I have never been married but I find I am more motivated to eat healthy,exercise when I am dating someone; it is hard though, with dinners out and cocktails after work. HmmM!
marygrace marygrace 8 years
my fiance and i have been together for six years and i never gained any weight because of it. and we eat almost all of our meals together. i don't want to gain weight, so i eat healthfully and in moderate portions and exercise, that's all.. it doesn't have anything to do with him. i don't plan to gain any weight once we get married because i know none of my healthy behaviors will change. and the thing about possibly letting myself go.. it won't happen. not for him, but for myself!
alice86 alice86 8 years
I live with my boyfriend and we pay half each in our weekly food shopping so I have found that I eat more (and therefore have put on weight) as I feel I need to eat my fair share...hahahahaha it sounds so silly but its true! And often he brings me home yum things to eat..which doesn't help!!
michelle29 michelle29 8 years
I have to agree with this article. Before I met my boyfriend of five years, I would run about 3 miles every day and I was careful about what I ate. Eventually other things took place of running. Now that we live together, it's actually quite challenging to eat healthy as well. I have gained 15 pounds since dating my boyfriend and I had been trying to lose 25 pounds the whole time!
VicVicVictooriaa VicVicVictooriaa 8 years
for me with a full course load and working a lot it is like hangout with my boyfriend or go to the gym... but he is starting to notice himself gaining weight soo we are going to start going to the gym together and he was a vegetarian for a while and then stopped but i think he is going back to doing it...
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i think that for a LOT of people, they tend to get comfortable with someone over time and work out less, and eat more, but for myself, i've found that i'm going to the gym just as often if not more and i'm being really aware of what i eat, so for now i've managed to stave off the unwanted pounds. i know that i could really easily succumb to the weight if i didn't pay as much attention, but i guess for now i'm doing ok.
DesignRchic DesignRchic 8 years
For me personally, I'd have to say marriage. When I was single, I watched my weight a whole lot more. Maybe it was because I thought that men cared about what women look like. After I was married, I actually ate sit down meals instead of grabbing a yogurt and getting in the car. My husband thinks I'm sexy, not matter the size.
emo_stacer emo_stacer 8 years
Dating was worse for me because we went to restaurants a lot together, but once we were married we cook at home a lot more (the food we cook is probably healthier and has better portion control).
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
I've become more fit and lean over the years. Truthfully, I think it has nothing to do with my marriage. I did it more for myself.
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