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Healthy Recipes
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A Day in the Life With Saturated Fat

High cholesterol and heart problems run in my family, so I always have an eagle eye out for foods that contain too much saturated fat. This is the type of fat that is unhealthy — the kind your body can live without. It's tough to avoid it though, since so many delicious foods contain it, so take this quiz to find out which foods are the healthiest choices.

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It's breakfast time. Which contains the most saturated fat?

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For a lunchtime sandwich, which contains the most amount of saturated fat?

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Time for a little snack. Which food contains the least amount of saturated fat?

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You're ready to order dinner. Which hot soup option contains more than 5 grams of saturated fat?

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When it comes to dessert, which contains the least amount of saturated fat?

Join The Conversation
mod16 mod16 8 years
wow. the apple pie one got me
ella1978 ella1978 8 years
Uh, I missed the almonds.. Everything else was okay for me. Full-fat milk always wins the saturated fat race! I've cut full-fat milk out of both mine and my BF's diet.
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
They have actaully found that some saturated fat in your diet is healthy and necessary (ie. helping lay the calcium on your bones, better bioavailability for some minerals) so saying that it's a fat you could live without is a dangerous statement. I suggest people do their own research of the topic.
Yaya123 Yaya123 8 years
ferret- Yeah the almond/ avocado threw me off too but the question was which one was the "least" I thought they were asking for the most too!
laurelm laurelm 8 years
I got the dessert one wrong, I dont eat sweets, whoops!
skygirl84 skygirl84 8 years
You answered 4 out of 5 questions correctly Wow, you are a saturated fat master. Knowing how much saturated fat is contained in the foods you eat can help you avoid it. Yay!! Got the soup one wrong. The word 'cream' should have given it away ...
eveday eveday 8 years
You answered 1 out of 5 questions correctly Oh well, hopefully you learned something from this quiz so you can make healthier choices when it comes to saturated fat. Actually, I don't eat most of the things listed here -- I'm now a vegetarian, but I dropped eating saturated food, refined carbs and fried food a long, long time ago.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
3/5...I missed the bacon and the apple pie one. I should've known the bacon one. I don't eat a lot of meat, so I'm better at figuring out saturated fat in full fat dairy and stuff like that.
sunshinepointe sunshinepointe 8 years
Ya, reading comprehension failed me and I got the "least" questions wrong. Oops.
jessr1214 jessr1214 8 years
ferret i think those 2 questions were asking which had the LEAST amount. i just finished eating some broccoli cheddar soup for lunch :-( it was good though!
ferret ferret 8 years
Uh... the almonds and apple pie answers seem to be incorrectly chosen. The explanations show that avocados are worse in content than almonds and that vanilla ice cream is worse in content then apple pie. Right? ;)
littlekaren littlekaren 8 years
The apple pie?!?! Weird. I got 3/5
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
Wow some of the answers really shocked me.
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