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Dealing With Annoying People at the Gym

What Do You Do If Someone Is Annoying You at the Gym?

This morning I was treated to a loud (and unwelcome) karaoke session in the gym by a gent working out near me. I was 20 minutes into my workout when a guy hopped onto an elliptical behind me and started singing whatever song he was listening to on his iPod. It was funny at first, but after 10 minutes it became downright annoying. And because I work out without music, I didn't have any way of shutting his singing out.

I kept quiet and dealt with it, but eventually an employee of the gym came over to tell him to quiet down. My guess is that someone went down to the front desk to complain.

Treadmill hogs, people with bad hygiene habits, and karaoke masters — there are a lot of obstacles just to get a good workout! How do you deal with annoying folks at your gym?

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HariboLicorice HariboLicorice 6 years
I will be the first to admit that by mile 5 of a run, I have to clear my throat, so I probably make an occasional cough/grunt sound on the treadmill...but here are my pet peeves: 1. people who don't wear clean clothes to the gym- you SMELL 2. people who bug out on the elliptical, jerking and pushing and going nuts...its like, chill, dude, you're freaking me out. 3. the women who pour into the class-room and just take up all the space available, pushing you out, after they clearly didn't sign up for the class (also bugs me when the teacher doesn't take attendance) 4. the cleaning lady who sprays the chemicals everywhere- its hard to run when you're inhaling fumes 5. people who take the elliptical or treadmill next to you when you're like the only 2 ppl in the gym
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I don't have many annoying people at my gym, but there are some people that like to take two treadmills and stroll really slowly while they talk to each other VERY LOUDLY while I'm trying to hear my TV show on my treadmill. I usually just say "Excuse me, I'm really trying to listen to my show. Do you think you two could catch up after you work out? Thanks!"
SaraJeanQueen SaraJeanQueen 6 years
People on here love to complain about the gym, wow... I am totally that girl that will pick a treadmill or an elliptical right next to you. And not because I want to improve my workout! I like *my* treadmill because it's in front of a certain TV station, or it's not in front of the clock (something I do not want to focus on!), or it's away from the freezing fan, or it's more mirror space. Some of the ellipticals squeak at my gym, and I have sensitive ears, so yes I may choose the one next to you. Oh well. I DO hate it, however, when girls put all of their belongings out on the locker room bench and you have no room to sit or get changed. That is rude. p.s. DeMaria: LOVE your photo; I'm a total fan.
DeMaria482 DeMaria482 6 years
There was one time that this woman wanted to do padicure on her feet in the ladies' room. I flipped out, because I thought it was not appropriate place to cut the nails, and scrubs their dirty old skins. I tried to speak with the cleaning woman to tell her its not right. She didn't do anything about it. Ladies, if you must fix your nails go do it in nail salon or your home. I am glad I quit the membership - it was expensive! Another thing I disliked about the personal trainers-- they take over your space. I didn't know if you enjoy the gym you have to have a personal trainer or else you won't get the respects and the spaces for work-outs. So sad.
Miss-Bree Miss-Bree 6 years
One of my biggest pet peeves is the next-to runners. If i choose to go to the gym at an uncrowded time, it's for a reason. I can't stand it when someone chooses the elliptical right next to me when there is a whole row to choose from. I assume it's because they run better next to someone, but to me, it's just annoying! I also agree with everyone above on the cell phones and over-girlishness in general. In college, the gym was packed with barbies who would prance around in sports bras, spandex, and perfect hair and makeup, and never even break a sweat. Granted, I shouldn't care what others are doing, but when they take up a machine for 20 minutes while hitting on some meat-head, I'd get a little bothered. Meanwhile I'd look like the creature from the sweat lagoon after a 45 minute run, pumped up, and pissed that I couldn't use the dip station. Likewise, I don't ever mind the grunting, excessive sweating, or smelliness. Granted, all of those things can be a little annoying when you're in the zone, but it's a gym. And if grunting helps someone be healthier, I'm all for it.
nicole121482 nicole121482 6 years
It's truly amazing that this post has come up now because I am dealing with the most annoying grunting and growling gym goer I have ever heard!!!! I can hear him, across the gym, over the sound of my treadmill, and through my ipod music (which I have up pretty loud)....not sure if he is purposely trying to attract attention to himself, but it is only working in a bad way! He is not even lifting that heavy of weights and he will stand in front of the mirror and GROWL at himself, LOUDLY before and during lifting....I need to say something to's ridiculous! Side note, I actually am one of those people that will jump on a machine right next to someone when others are empty because there are only 2 or 3 treadmills that I like and trust me, when you go every day to run for years, you learn which treadmills no longer work as they should and which ones you can get a better run off thoughts are that since I started going to that gym since it opened...everyone else is a newcomer and I'm there every day! I will pick the machine I get the best work out on and everyone else can just deal....
laellavita laellavita 6 years
anger and annoyance tend to fuel my workouts -- it's my therapy session when i can get it all out. so whenever anyone is really bugging me AT the gym, i just make the treadmill faster or pound out my exercises with even more power. it helps push me to get an even more effective workout in.
buckfutter buckfutter 6 years
OMG! I'm so glad I came across this article. I came out of a yoga class and I was literally fuming. There was this guy who's been attending the past 3 classes and he is SO OBNOXIOUS. HE LITERALLY MAKES WHIMPERING, MOANING NOISES. At first its just uncomfortable and you can just laugh at it but tonight, he decided that there was a spot next to me and i had to move my mat farther away. It was so awful but the instructor is so good! Is it my place to ask him to be quiet? or just dirty looks? I know its yoga and you're supposed to be "in the zone" but this was beyond distracting, it was downright uncomfortable because he was actually whimpering. CAN Y'ALL PLEASE HELP ME?!? :(((((
jesssa jesssa 6 years
i generally avoid most of these by attending a womens only gym, however some annoying things still prevail... it bugs me soooo much when people are using machines incorrectly. there is this one girl who uses a machine and looks like she is having a seizure everytime she is on it. so annoying. also, the showers in my gym seem to be off limits when there is one woman in there. there are like 5 or 6 shower stalls with curtains, but it seems that we are only allowed to be in that section one person at a time. once i went in that area when there was a woman preparing to enter a shower stall and she snapped on me and ran me back into the locker area as though i was in her space. weird.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I definitely have to agree with the above! Some people are just really inconsiderate in general and it seems to be magnified at the gym!
Mandi-Villa Mandi-Villa 6 years
Some of my gym pet peeves: - When guys grunt like animals as they lift weights - People who sweat gallons on a machine then don't bother to clean it off - People chatting on their cell phone while on a cardio machine that someone else is waiting for - they aren't even getting a workout yet they are taking up a machine that someone could actually use - When girls act like the locker room is their personal bathroom But.... I still go to the gym everyday so obvi this stuff doesn't bother me that much :)
Livvy-P Livvy-P 6 years
I have to agree with previous posters - my biggest pet peeves are the space invaders (there are TONS of machines available!! Why choose the one next to me??) and the people on their phones. There are signs EVERYWHERE in my gym that say NO cell phone usage on the workout floor. These aren't doctors answering emergency calls from their patients (which I could understand), or women taking calls from their kids' schools because there is an emergency (again, I get it - I have two kids. It's why I keep my phone with me while exercising). These are people who say "oh nothing, i'm just exercising. what are you up to?" Get off the treadmill, and step outside. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, AND WE CAN'T HELP BUT LISTEN! And I do listen to music while working out - these people are usually THAT loud! Ugh.... OK, rant over! LOL
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