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Denmark Still Enjoys Its Danishes

While I think NYC's ban on trans fats is fantastic, some people disagree arguing that their foods will just not have the same texture and taste without the added trans fats.

What skeptics may not know is that Denmark made it illegal for any food to have more than 2 percent trans fats (offenders face hefty fines or even prison terms) nearly three years ago. I haven't heard too many complaints coming from them. It has even been reported that:

The french fries are still crispy. The pastries are still scrumptious. And the fried chicken is still tasty.

Apparently, in the beginning the Danish bakers were having a hard time getting the right textures to their yummy traditional pastries such as, well danishes, but after some minor trial and error it's all been figured out.

The point is that no body is complaining and I don't see why they would -- Wouldn't it be nice to be hungry and be able to get anything, knowing it won't have any trans fats? Denmark proves to be a great example for NYC as they embark on cutting the trans fats.

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