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Design Your Own Burton Snowboard

Customize Your Burton Board For a Pretty Penny

Whether you're new to snowboarding or have been riding for years, wouldn't you be psyched if you could design your own board? The Series 13 website from Burton allows you to do just that.

First you choose the style and size board you want from 15 of Burton's high-end boards costing between $800 to $1200. Next you select a theme for your board from Burton's themes, such as argyle, flames, safari or camo, or you can design your own theme using your own original artwork or photos. Next you pick your colors for the design for the top of the board, as well as the base (bottom). You can also personalize your board with your name (so no one can walk away with it) or a message.

My design (pictured above) would only set me back about $850. Hey, I guess being in control of design doesn't come cheap. But the concept sure is cool.

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mlmoreno47 mlmoreno47 9 years
My boyfriend and I did something like this three years ago. We went to a ski expo in Long Beach to look for discounted jackets and pants and I ended up finding a Burton Punch 141 - the EXACT board I wanted. However, the design on it was a beautiful orange top, two lines of sparkly glittery paint, and at the bottom a hideous picture of a thug guy breaking into a car with a crowbar. Not the image I want to portray! So what we did was cover the beautiful top part and totally changed the bottom half. We sanded, primer, and then sprayed it with a light blue/teal spray paint and then stuck those glow in the dark stars on as a template. Then re-sprayed it all dark blue and took off the stars. The result was a beautiful, CUSTOM, board that we made ourselves with a sort of Sunrise/Sunset theme.
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