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Desk Standing Ab Workout

A Standing Ab Workout You Can Do at Your Desk, Thanks to Jeanette Jenkins

Whoever said you needed a mat and open space in the gym to do a workout was seriously mistaken. Celebrity trainer and fitness extraordinaire Jeanette Jenkins proves that you need nothing more than a desire for flat abs. In her latest Instagram post, she shares a standing ab workout that can be done at any desk — and she even does it in heels!

She goes through seven different ab exercises that can be done at any standing desk (but you can do them at a regular desk, too), like cross torso knee to elbow, side crunch, and cross torso toe touch. Like everything else she does, Jeanette makes the whole thing look easy, but we have a sneaky feeling that this ab workout is heaps harder than it looks.

There's no excuse now! Stand up wherever you are, and give this workout a try.

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