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Work It Girl: Tricep and Shoulder Stretch

If you work at a desk all day, chances are your shoulders and upper back are tense from typing. Here's a great stretch to loosen your tight shoulders and triceps.

  • Sit nice and tall in your chair. Bend you left elbow, bringing it behind your back, with your palm facing outward. Bring the back of your left hand up towards the middle of your upper back, as high up towards your neck as possible.
  • Now lift your right arm straight up towards the ceiling. Bend your elbow, lowering the palm of your hand behind your head, as close to the middle of your upper back as possible.
  • Try to touch your fingers together, and eventually clasp your hands. If your hands don't touch, it's OK because you're still getting a good stretch in your left shoulder and right tricep.
  • Try to keep the spine long by drawing your ribs and belly button in, and pressing the back of your head gently against your right arm. After holding for at least five deep breaths, slowly release your arms. They're probably going to feel a little weird, so shake them out before doing the second side.
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