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3 Easy Ways to Detox at Dinner

May 2 2014 - 5:10pm

After an indulgent day, set things right with a clean, detoxifying dinner. Luckily, there are no crazy juice cleanses involved here; just follow these simple tips, and give your digestive system a little extra appreciation tonight . . . or, hopefully, most nights!

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Fiber-Rich, Low in Fat

Cooking in your own kitchen is the very best dinnertime detox technique. Preparing your own meal ensures that you steer clear of processed foods, high levels of sodium, or artificial sweeteners that mess with your digestion. Prepare fiber-rich meals to keep your digestive system running smoothly; fiber will also help you stay fuller longer. If you're not sure what you should be eating, check out these seasonal detox dinner ideas [2] like this apple cabbage salad for inspiration.

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Drink Up (on the Good Stuff)

Staying hydrated with water keeps your body functioning at its top potential. Be sure to limit any booze consumption with dinner — even that heart-healthy glass of red wine — if you're serious about cleansing your system. Not only will this help eliminate unnecessary sugar, but it will also make sure you get a good's night sleep, which is essential to any detox plan. Instead of a sweet treat or a nightcap after dinner, enjoy a cup of hot water with lemon to help your digestive system move along even more smoothly.

Take Your Time

Eating too quickly can impede your digestive system's ability to function. Sit down, slow yourself between bites, don't arrive famished, turn off distractions, and take time to enjoy your dinner! After you find awareness with your habits around food, you'll be able to realize when you're truly full and not go to bed feeling stuffed and uncomfortable.

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