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Detox Recipes

Detox Yourself Back on Track With These Healthy Recipes

Getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend can be hard — especially if your diet fell to the wayside like mine did. This weekend, if you overindulged on barbecue, tried too many culinary specialties, or went overboard on the beer, don't fret too much. Instead, get back on track with a healthy diet and a workout routine.

When it comes to food, try detoxing the natural way. Stay away from processed junk and choose a diet of fresh, whole foods instead. Try cutting back on sugar too. Whenever I come back from an indulgent vacation, I try to incorporate foods that cleanse the body naturally. If you're feeling icky, bloated, and too full from this weekend's diet, make one of these recipes tonight — each dish incorporates a food known for its detoxing abilities.

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