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There are so many ways to pursue the quest of health and there are many "detox" remedies out there for folks looking for a quick internal cleanse. However, the majority of health experts don't recommend detox cleanses or juice fasts, especially long term ones since fasting for more than 3 days robs the body of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Your best bet is to avoid a liquid detox regimen, since they can leave you both hungry (read: irritable) and gassy (read: anti-social). Instead, you should focus on adding fruits, veggies and whole grains to your daily diet since these types of foods all help to keep your system running smoothly. Plus, as I like to say "slow and steady wins the race." By focusing on what you can add to your diet daily, you have a much better chance of fully adopting healthy eating habits so thus avoiding the need to detox.

Limiting alcohol to one serving a day for the ladies, and two servings for the guys, will help keep your liver from having to work overtime. Of course, limiting the amount of acetaminophen you take will help your liver as well. This OTC painkiller used in Tylenol can cause liver damage if taken in excess.

The bottom line: take care of your body and it will take care of you!


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