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Did You Bike to Work This Week?

Today ends Bike to Work Week, with many cities all over the country celebrating Bike to Work Day today.

A new Swedish health study found that commuters who drive to work run (no pun intended) a significantly greater risk of having a heart attack compared with folks who power themselves to work, either on foot or by cycling. Just a little food for thought if you're entertaining the idea of pedaling to work regularly in the future. So . . .


Silje Silje 8 years
During the rush hours it's faster to ride a bike to uni than to drive cars and buses, so it's a no-brainer really =)
papertiger05 papertiger05 8 years
I would love to bike to work, but would only do it if there was a bike path or safe, well-lit roadway with a sizable shoulder. And plus, I would need a shower or something once I got to work so that I could be presentable in my formal workplace!
Lilybeth84 Lilybeth84 8 years
I walk to work everyday. If I biked, I'd spend too much time fighting with all the cyclists for a spot to park it. It only takes me 5 min to walk anyways.
chatondeneige chatondeneige 8 years
I walked to and from the grocery store today, though. Does that count for anything? ;)
chatondeneige chatondeneige 8 years
15 miles at 6am on a highway without a bike lane sounds like the beginning of a Nancy Grace episode, not a comfortable way to start my day.
Allytta Allytta 8 years
i read my blogs in the evening and somehow all the blogs posted about it being the bike day on the day, so i found out at 8pm... so no i didn't, but would have loved to participate. they should post it in advance.
Keaton7655 Keaton7655 8 years
I have a question for those that bike regardless of weather. If it rains, what do you do when you get to work? Do you change clothes? Do you just get ready at work? I'm a lunch lady, have a uniform, go sans make-up, and wear a hat. My only concern would be if it rained and I was soaked. I would love to hear more about it. I'm only about 2 miles from work, although a busy street would love to bike more often.
kmorghan kmorghan 8 years
I've been biking to work for the last couple of months, rain or shine, in a city with lots of traffic. There is one dicey intersection I have to get through, and some of the roads are pretty beat up so I have to dodge potholes, but I get to work feeling wide-awake and ready to go. Plus, I get a good workout.
green-socks green-socks 8 years
Finally fixed my flat last night, and then it poured all day today!
Spectra Spectra 8 years
It's not practical for me to bike to work either. I have to drive 30 miles each way on a dangerous county road in the dark. It's not exactly a safe road to be biking on.
brookrene brookrene 8 years
Nope, but biking to and from work just wouldn't be for me even if i did live closer.
lydialee_home lydialee_home 8 years
I have to pick up the kids after work - it's a little bit hard to bike to work. I do use my bike to go to the Grocery store though. I am okay as long as I did not buy lots of stuff.
wickedlanie wickedlanie 8 years
No. I could, it's not terribly far. But, the drivers here in Vegas quite like to hit pedestrians. I'd love to be able to, but bike vs. car/SUV/truck doesn't sound like a good situation.
hex913 hex913 8 years
Sadly, I can't bike to work. I have a 100+ mile a day commute on a freeway, that just doesn't work for me.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
Drove to parents house to give my car to my sister and then biked to work from there. :) I saw lot of people biking yesterday. I counted about 45 people on bikes on the road. I would like to bike from my new apartment, but 1.) my bike sucks and barely makes it to work from the house and 2.) my fiancee fears for my life because of irresponsible drivers. i concur with him on the second part because I have known several people to have been hit in the bay area (1 killed) and witnessed an almost accident when the car ahead of me decided to exit at the last minute and almost sideswipped a cyclist crossing the clear lane.
LindsayLou LindsayLou 8 years
I don't have a bike and I live 3 blocks from my work so there's really no point for me...
Ayu Ayu 8 years
I bike everywhere, all the time, in all weather conditions.
Kellyim Kellyim 8 years
Nope, but I've walked the 2 miles to and 2 miles from work 4 out of 5 days this week.
dubalicious dubalicious 8 years
I walk to work everyday
doogirl doogirl 8 years
I don't work outside the home, so I didn't bike to work. I have however, been biking to the grocery store instead of driving, and walking to the bus stop to pick my daughter up instead of driving. Every little bit counts!
smaine07 smaine07 8 years
No way! too far and too dangerous.. I drive over a super long bridge and through a tunnel every day, so that wouldn't be a good idea for me
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