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Diesel Motivation Crunch Gym Class Review

Tone, Sculpt, and Burn: Diesel Motivation at Crunch

Fans of circuit training will love the latest class offering from Crunch Gym: Diesel Motivation. The hour-long class is fast paced, challenging, and, best of all, a total-body workout. Expect to leave sweaty and sore.

If you're not familiar with circuit training, exercises are performed one after the other with no rest in between the moves. In Diesel Motivation, that breaks down to a mix of strength training moves intermixed with sets of high-intensity cardio. For the class, each student needs two sets of dumbbells (both a heavier and lighter set), a Bosu ball, a barbell, and a gliding disc.

Though no class is exactly alike, the same formula is always followed: class starts with a five-minute warmup consisting of light cardio and dynamic stretches followed by the meat of the workout and then a short 10-minute cooldown consisting of deep static stretches. Between the warming up and cooling down, the instructor leads the class through a series of back-to-back strength moves that focus on one area of the body, which is then followed by an intense two-minute burst of cardio (usually 30-second sets of jumping jacks, ice skaters, jump rope, and boxing moves). This intense cycle continues for about 45 minutes; the idea is that by the end of the class, you'll have worked every muscle group of the body. As for the strength training moves, it's about maximizing results — supersets of compound exercises. Some typical moves are lunges with bicep curls, sumo squats with arm raises, and push-ups performed on the Bosu.


See what I think of Diesel Motivation after the break!

Diesel Motivation has quickly become my favorite class offering at Crunch. I love that it's challenging and works my entire body, but mostly, I love that it moves at a quick pace — expect your heart rate to stay elevated throughout. (It also comes pretty close to mimicking the kind of workout you might get from a personal trainer.) The minute you feel like you are about to die from the 36 barbell front squats (three sets of 12) you just did, the instructor has you onto the next move. And the variety of the moves keeps the class from ever feeling boring or stale. While many of the exercises are broken down by sets, there are often opportunities to set your own pace (and catch your breath!): instead of giving defined reps, the instructor may ask that you do as many burpees, balancing Bosu exercises, or bicycle crunches as you can muster in one minute. Because of how varied it is, Diesel is a great class to take with friends since there is something for everyone. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase endurance, or get toned, this class will accomplish all of that and more.

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