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There may be no magic pill for weight loss, but that doesn't stop the manufacture of diet pills. Although some are having trouble getting approved by the FDA and some pills (read Meridia, which has been on the market since 1997) risk failing reviews by the agency due to increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, many pharmaceutical companies have weight loss drugs and appetite suppressants in the works. Have any of these pill tempted you? Did they work for you?

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Spectra Spectra 6 years
I never took prescription diet pills, but I tried green tea OTC supplements once. They made me feel barfy and jittery, so I went back to just drinking green tea instead.
ticamorena ticamorena 6 years
nicotine supplements really really totally kill appetite; i took them when i was quitting smoking and lost almost 20lbs without changing anything of my exercise routine simply because i couldn't stomach food whilst taking the gum/lozenges/tabs. i thankfully gained the weight back after stopping them because i didn't have an excess 20lbs to lose. needless to say, these are not a weight/diet management tool and quitting them (the supplements) is another batlle in and of itself
ticamorena ticamorena 6 years
nope, and i doubt i ever would - other than some vitamin supplements, anything in a pill firm is something i consider serious medication; le romantique, i drink close to two litres of water a day, and actually find it to make me hungrier and if i don't eat but continue drinking, i evnetually get a headache and nausea. i find herbal teas help me regulate my appetite best and really, i like being personally disciplined about when and what i eat and seing the results thereof
aliblade22 aliblade22 6 years
My vote isn't being properly recorded either. Yes, I took prescription diet suppressants as a teenager. Having grown up in a household where there were always sweets and junk food, limiting my food intake was a new concept to me. Between the pills (which I was on for about 3 months) and a new fitness routine, I was able to lose over 60 pounds and have kept it off for ten years now. I know they're not a total solution, but they definitely helped re-train my thinking on portions and food intake, and I would recommend them to people who are new to healthy living.
le-romantique le-romantique 6 years
*meals not means... ha
le-romantique le-romantique 6 years
Never. The best appetite suppressant is water... everyone should try drinking it throughout the day (along with your normal 6 means).
Livvy-P Livvy-P 6 years
tls, I voted the same thing - No, but I have taken other appetite suppressants. I used them about 15 years ago (ephedra-based pills that I bought at GNC) and yes, they did work. I lost 85 lbs. Also, I never had any of the side effects that people talk about with ephedra when I took the correct dosage. Of course I got jittery when I took an extra pill! Oh, and by the way, I did not gain it all back when I stopped taking the pills. I hate to say it, I know it sounds stupid, but I would take them again if they were not illegal.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 6 years
Apparently this doesn't want to accurately record my vote. I voted "No, but I have taken other appetite suppressants." I used them when I had an eating disorder, can't honestly remember if they even worked.
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