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Diet Tip: Curb Your Night Time Snacking

When it comes to losing weight, often exercise on its own is not enough. You do need to watch what you eat. After being focused on good nutrition all day long, does your willpower drop off at night? You need to make sure your night time snack is not keeping you from keeping your calories down.

My suggestion is to either close your kitchen after dinner or snack super consciously. Here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Try those 100 calorie snack bags and limit yourself to just one. Eat the bag slowly and savor every bite.
  • Eat two pieces of healthful dark chocolate and turn your snacking into a meditation.
  • Drink naturally sweet flavored herbal teas to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your calorie intake to zero. These days, I am loving Good Earth Original tea. It is spicy and sweet.
  • Snacking on fruit or veggies is a great way to ensure you are getting your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals. Carrots and celery have the snap of chips and a sweet pear is loaded with fiber.

Let me just remind you again that mindlessly snacking in front of the TV leads to more calories consumed than you think. Don't eat straight from the bag either. Pour a reasonable size portion into a bowl and put the bag away.


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