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Diet Tip: Don't Buy Your Halloween Candy Just Yet

Halloween Survival Tip: Wait to Buy Your Candy

There are two topics discussed all year long at my house: birthday party planning and Halloween costumes. And although my daughters have put their candy requests in — they would like to hand out Kit Kats and Starbursts — I have dug in my heels on this one. I am not buying any candy until the last minute, which is hard for me since I am a planner.

I know that mini treats often lead to over indulgence, and I can be weak when it comes to chocolate. The candy calls to me from the pantry, and I end up eating a good-sized portion of those miniatures before a single trick-or-treater rings my doorbell. FAIL.

This year, I'm playing it safe. If the candy is not in my house, I cannot eat it. I do trust that I can make it through one night with the sweets in my house, so I will be buying my Halloween candy on Oct. 30. Unless you have an iron clad will, I suggest you do the same.

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