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Diet Tip: Don't Buy Your Halloween Candy Just Yet

Halloween Survival Tip: Wait to Buy Your Candy

There are two topics discussed all year long at my house: birthday party planning and Halloween costumes. And although my daughters have put their candy requests in — they would like to hand out Kit Kats and Starbursts — I have dug in my heels on this one. I am not buying any candy until the last minute, which is hard for me since I am a planner.

I know that mini treats often lead to over indulgence, and I can be weak when it comes to chocolate. The candy calls to me from the pantry, and I end up eating a good-sized portion of those miniatures before a single trick-or-treater rings my doorbell. FAIL.

This year, I'm playing it safe. If the candy is not in my house, I cannot eat it. I do trust that I can make it through one night with the sweets in my house, so I will be buying my Halloween candy on Oct. 30. Unless you have an iron clad will, I suggest you do the same.

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2muchtv 2muchtv 6 years
For our family, we just don't break the seal. If the bag gets broken before the 31st, you're open to the ridicule of the rest of the family (it's for the KIDS!). If that's too much, hide the candy until the 31st (we actually had to dump 1/2 a giant bag of candy - 3 lbs of tootsie rolls - because everyone in the family forgot to eat it). As for disposal, be the awesome family that gives away the rest of the bag right at 9pm. There, no leftovers.
TiVo TiVo 6 years
I wish I could buy candy I didn't like, but I love EVERYTHING! Ahhh! Being a human garbage disposal is a blessing and a curse. Nevertheless, I at least know now to buy Reese's... my fav. By the way, kudos to SassyK!
nicole121482 nicole121482 6 years
Another good tip is to buy candy that you don't like or that you like the least...much easier to resist that way:)
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 6 years
Oh god, I just realized that this is the first Halloween we'll be spending with my husband's parents living with us. I'm surprised his mom hasn't bought Halloween candy yet, but I'm just waiting for her to buy way more candy than we have kids in our complex. >_<
benheld benheld 6 years
We keep all of our junk food in a cooler in the basement. Out of sight, out of mind--although I think we just need to throw the current stuff that's in there away, some of it's a bit too old!
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Ha, I always wait til the last possible minute. Then I buy the cheapest, crappiest stuff I can find. That way, I'm not tempted to eat it all. I usually get those nasty orange and black wrapped peanut butter kisses that nobody likes. My husband LOVES them, so he eats all the leftovers. It works for me!
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
bought a bag today for the office so customers can have some treats. BAD IDEA. -.- I already had a mini twix, mini snickers and a mini M&M bag. it's sitting on the front desk and calling me. damn it! why do i tempt myself like this??
SassyK SassyK 8 years
I seriously bought my halloween candy the first day I saw it. It was like september 15. It's been sitting in my cabinet and I'm so impressed because me nor any of my roomates have even touched it!
bibelot bibelot 8 years
Waiting to buy your candy might also save you some money - some of my local grocery stores start discounting candy just before the big (spooky!) night. Good idea, Fit!
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 8 years
October and Halloween is the one time of year that I really indulge on those candies. But this year I'm going to wait until the eleventh hour before I really eat any. It's been taking a lot of deep inner strength to resist them though!
PinkLizzie PinkLizzie 8 years
I would put it in the hall closet or something, because psychologically food in the cupboards or pantry is for eating so it would be tempting to see candy there when you're looking for a snack. On the other hand if you see it when you're grabbing coat and shoes, you're probably not hungry, or don't have time to wrestle with the packaging before heading out the door. Waiting last minute to buy it always seems to lead to getting the crappy stuff.
amerikanbeanhead amerikanbeanhead 8 years
We are the play-dough house I have no will power niether does mom and my step is diabetic with minimal willpower So I go to my Dads house to get some candy love :)
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
Gotta be careful though, you don't want to be stuck with the cheap crappy candy!! :)
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I recently decided this was true for me with chips. We bought some the other day and the whole (two) bags were gone in less than three days. Ugh! I'm sticking to healthy snacks only.
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