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Diet Tip: Eat Blindfolded

Eating your dinner blindfolded may be the key to gaining control over your portion sizes. Now don't worry I'm not talking every night, just one meal.

Last night, my mom told me that she and my dad each took turns eating dinner blindfolded. They felt they were overeating, but were not sure if maybe they were just really hungry. So they tried this blindfold experiment to find out if their sense of fullness was somehow visual. One person would put the blindfold on and eat until he/she felt full; then the blindfold was removed. In both cases they both unknowingly stopped eating without finishing their plates — something they rarely do otherwise. Now they just fill their plates with less food, listen to their stomach a lot more, and don't feel bad for not finishing eating every last bite.

The experiment intrigued me and I am begging my husband to do it with me too. I am wondering if I sometimes ignore my stomach's cues telling me I am full in an effort to please my eyes (and emotions) and finish my plate. Try it out and let me know what you find.


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