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Healthy Recipes
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Diet Tip: Rearrange Your Pantry

A little while back I did a little pantry rearrange and I must say, it's changed my life.

I moved processed and high sugar snacks up to the highest shelf that requires a stool for me to retrieve them. Since they are higher up and way harder to get to, I'm far less tempted to grab them regularly — though I'll catch myself scaling the shelves for a Reese's if it's "that time of the month." In the more accessible shelves, I stash stuff like healthy soups, canned vegetables, whole grain crackers, and spices. It's a pretty simple trick so if you can't get rid of the junk completely, at least make it less accessible. What's more? My girls can't see the snacks and are far less likely to ask for them too — gotta love multitasking.

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