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Healthy Eating Tips
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Healthy Eating Tips
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Diet Tip: Shop the Perimeter

Location is everything in the grocery store. Food placement aisle by aisle, shelf by shelf, has been studied to almost a science. Have you ever noticed that when you need to run into the grocery to pick up just a gallon of milk or some eggs you have to walk through the entire store, past cookies, chips, and soda pop just to reach the dairy aisle.

Yep, the layout of the products is literally designed to test your willpower. So my tip to you is when you visit the grocery for a full shopping excursion SHOP the PERIMETER of the store. This is where you will find all your essentials: produce, meat, dairy and eggs. If you must venture into a center aisle for some Dijon mustard (say you are making your own low fat salad dressing), stay focused. Select what you need and move on. Don't be tempted by sale items like donuts placed strategically next to the whole grain breads, or the two-for-one super sized bags of Doritos next to the spelt pretzels (which are truly high in fiber!!!).

Fit's Tip: I know this seems obvious, but don't go to grocery store without a list. If you have a list and don't stray from it, chances are slim of coming home with a food item you really don't need.

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