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When you're trying to lose weight, your success ultimately relies on the calories you consume being fewer than the calories you burn. In the dieting world, counting calories is the new black, but folks need to remember that liquid calories count, too. New research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health confirms that what you drink is just as important as what you eat. The study found that cutting out sugar-sweetened beverages (they included high fructose corn syrup in this group), like sodas and bottled iced tea, had the most profound effect on weight loss and weight-loss maintenance over the course of an 18-month study. The bottom line: soda has got to go.

For my three favorite soda alternatives,


While, there are many low- to no-calorie drinks out there, water comes to mind first. Staying well hydrated helps to burn fat, so it is both healthy and helpful for dieting. If H2O bores your taste buds, add a slice of lemon, lime, orange, or cucumber to your glass. By mixing sparkling water and juice you can create a flavorful spritzer. Green tea is calorie-free and full of health benefits; it can also help speed up your metabolism. What is your favorite soda alternative?


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delightfairy delightfairy 8 years
I don't like soda drinks, so I drink lots of water, juice and milk.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 8 years
i only ever drink water and some days soymilk, generally in my cereal or oatmeal. i cut out soda (diet soda count...low calorie doesn't equal good for you) a long time ago, and i have yet to crave any.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I usually drink water or diet soda instead of sugary beverages, but I also love either green tea or English breakfast tea with no sugar in it. In the summer, I drink a lot of unsweetened iced tea with lemon. I do enjoy my coffee with nondairy sugar free French Vanilla creamer in it, but I count those calories toward my daily total.
idawson idawson 8 years
fruit juice and sparkling water are great! in fact i am drinking pure cranberry juice and sparkling water right now.
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
The sadly reminds me of a friend I had who when trying to lose some weight was very serious about cutting out a lot of food from her intake (only eat 1/3 poached chicken breast and 1/4 cup steamed broccoli kind of thing) but would insist we go to Starbucks so she could get a grande caramel coffee nightmare with whipped cream or want to go to the bars and have overly-sugary mixed drinks. I never understood her!
darc5204 darc5204 8 years
I drink tons of water, but I also have a little bit of 100%juice most days. I don't like most fruit (I know, strange), so it's a good source of nutrients.
lovelie lovelie 8 years
I used to be a diet coke addict, and then I just lost the taste for it one day. I do love my coffee in the morning, but I only drink black coffee with a tad bit of lite silk milk in it (great stuff btw). On the weekends, I splurge and drink wine, which I do not plan on giving up.
telane telane 8 years
I also drink tons of water and unsweetened iced tea, and I add a lemon wedge to them when I feel a little bored with the flavor. I used to go through a case of Mountain Dew every 3 days (yeah, really bad) If you do the math (based on my soda habit) - 170 cal./can x 8 cans a day = an extra 1360 calories a day. That's horrible! I feel so much better now that I'm actually drinking water and I have lost weight, too!
1apple 1apple 8 years
It's tons of water for me, usually. I also like a green tea in the morning and a diet pop after supper, for some reason. :0)
miss-malone miss-malone 8 years
I just drink water :)
kclulu kclulu 8 years
Water, Crystal Light on the Go, and gallons of unsweetened tea in the summer. I don't like the way sugary drinks like soda make my teeth feel.
dunnonuttin dunnonuttin 8 years
Water and hot tea. Haven't had soda in like 5 years!
sugoionna09 sugoionna09 8 years
I really like fruit juice and sparkling water. The bubbles take care of my carbonation craving and the juice is just sweet enough for my sugar craving.
mod16 mod16 8 years
i can't give up my coffee but really.. that only amounts to about 110 calories
cassedy04 cassedy04 8 years
i havent had any soda (with like 3 exceptions) for almost a year and a half now. i live and die by unsweetened iced teas and a tiny bit of juice mixed with a glass of seltzer. i stopped drinking most diet drinks too because i dont trust the artificial sweeteners - calories or no calories, i prefer the natural sugar. i've heard that the artificial sweetener actually makes you crave other sweet things and you end up eating more sweets.
Veggie-Kate Veggie-Kate 8 years
When I go out to eat and I covet everyone's sodas I always order an unsweetened iced tea with a squeeze of lemon. It feels special enough that it eases my jealousy, and I still get a caffeine kick!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i always laugh at my friends when they figure that they can diet just by drinking alcohol or things like that and avoid solid food. you're going to consume the same amount of cals if not more - so it's not doing you any good.
MrsRachel MrsRachel 8 years
I'm still working the no soda thing....I'm down to only one a day. (I was previously have 4 or 5...yikes.) Other than that its good ol' H2O.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I drink a ton of water, and when I'm really craving something different I just switch to seltzer, which has no calories but gives a little bit of flavor. My boyfriend is terrible about drinking soda though, so I stopped buying it for him and got him Crystal Light to mix in instead.
KellyV04 KellyV04 8 years
I'm a big fan of club soda and lime.
laellavita laellavita 8 years
the only calories i ever drink are in my morning coffee - and that's just the smallest splash of almond milk. otherwise, it's water, unsweetened tea, or bust.
hannahc hannahc 8 years
Black coffee, green tea!, and iced tea. And regular water, but I actually drink more green tea than water on a usual day. I don't like the taste of artificial sweeteners in diet drinks, and I don't drink much diet soda.
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