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Since most diets are difficult to follow and stick to and because weight loss is difficult to maintain, it is no surprise that "diet" is considered a four-letter word. I have heard people complain that they "practically live on a diet," and with that mindset, how could the "dieter" not feel deprived? The reality of the situation is that very few people can eat everything they want, not exercise, and not gain weight. Everyone's metabolism slows down at 40, really it does.

So if you think about dieting as making a lifestyle change, it truly makes living the healthy life easier. It also helps keep the pounds off. So if you think lifestyle change is just a euphemism for "diet," I beg to differ. If becoming healthy is your end goal (and losing weight is often part of that goal) then your end goal really has no end. It is the life you are now living. You have to keep exercising and watching what you eat because that is what a healthy person does.

So replace the word "diet" with "nutrition," as in "I am eating for nutrition." While you are at it, think not about "losing weight" but "losing body fat", since that is what you want to lose. The scale might not change as your body changes if you are replacing fat with muscle. A pound of muscle takes up a lot less room than a pound of fat.


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