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DietTribe Premieres Tonight

Personally, I can only take one season a year of the reality weight-loss show The Biggest Loser. The two-hour shows, which could certainly be condensed to 60 minutes, and the extreme weight loss coupled with intense competition from last season left me feeling more burned out than inspired. However, weight-loss reality shows have proved lucrative for many networks and Lifetime is premiering a new series about five best friends as they work to alter their shapes from "fat" to "fit."

Cleverly titled DietTribe, the show chronicles how these five women from Southern California alter their lives to lose weight and rely on their supportive friendship to do so. They are helped along by hunky fitness trainer Jessie Pavelka and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser, a weight-loss reality show veteran who earned her stripes on Celebrity Fit Club.

To see a clip from the show


I admit I like Jessie's motivational speech and the five women seem rather compelling. DietTribe premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. Will you be watching?


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