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Dieters Support Group: Down 6 Lbs!!!!!!!

You know what I love? A happy success story! Here is the thing, when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight, it is important to celebrate accomplishments every step of the way. This is why I want to share user SeptemberLights recent note of success in the Fit's Dieters Support Group.

"l lost 6 lbs! I am sooooo happy. For the past two weeks i have given up wine, chocolate and cheese. Basically my three favorite things and i switched from Pilates to Tae Bo and it seems to be working. my butt is so sore! I even got a compliment from someone at work. I just love the feeling of my jeans being looser. I only have 10 more lbs till i reach my goal and im hoping i will be there by April!"

Not to sound cliché, but YOU GO GIRL! Thanks for sharing your success with us.

Dieting is HARD, especially if you are going it alone. Join my Dieters Support Group to share with other folks dealing with dieting - the GOOD and the BAD. Support and be supported, group therapy style!

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