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Dieting Concept: The 10% Plan

I am not sure which is more difficult, losing the weight or keeping it off. After research involving thousands of overweight to obese subjects, George Blackburn, an associate director of the division of nutrition at Harvard Medical School, created the 10 percent plan to help people keep off the lost weight. Since the body unfortunately evolved to hang onto excess weight, losing it in stages helps combat the boomerang affect that can happen with rapid weight loss.

His plan works like this – basically you lose 10 percent of your body weight and then maintain that weight for six months before beginning another round of weight loss. For example, a person weighing 220 pounds would have the goal of losing 22 to pounds. Once the weight is lost, it takes six months for the body to adjust to that weight, or as Black burn refers to it, the new, lower "set point." As you lose weight you need to take a pause to let the complex mechanisms of the body recalibrate to your new set point. Once this recalibration happens, your body is no longer conspiring to maintain your predieting weight, but your new lower weight. From there you can proceed to lose more and stand a much better chance of keeping it off.

Sounds fascinating to me. If you are interested in more details check out his book Break Through You Set Point. You can find it here.


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