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Healthy Eating Tips
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Dieting Progress Report

Get Fit For 2010: Challenge # 6 — Progress Report

We've made it to week six of the Get Fit For 2010 giveaway, and this week's challenge is to write a blog post giving us details on your progress so far. FitSugar user commonsense102 posted her inspiring update.

OK so I have had a few hurdles to overcome . . . hip injury, mini vacay, broken toe and a few stitches, and this week a sick toddler . . . all the things that I would need to break my resolution and keep me out of the gym . . . but I have maintained some fortitude (how? I'm not sure) and I have been able to stick with it. OK, OK so I had been going 6x a week, but as of last week it was 2x and this week I have been 2x and plan on hitting the gym hard tomorrow, but that was my resolution . . . to stay on track. The old me would have given up and taken 3 months off before working out again.

Learn how this reader handled temptations while on vacation when you


I did have a few binges of tropical drinks on my vacay and then some comfort food while nursing my lil' one back to health, but nothing compared to what it had been.


So far my weight has stayed the same and my other measurements, but I feel like once my injuries heal . . . I'll be at least 10 pounds lighter at the next progress report. I also feel so much healthier and my skin has cleared up majorly! Extra unexpected bonuses!!!

Good luck commonsense102! I'm sure many of you have been working hard on your health and fitness goals as well. We'd love to know how you're doing, so join our Get Fit For 2010 community group and write a blog post about your progress. By participating, you'll not only be on your way to a healthier you, but you'll also be entered into the drawing for our weekly giveaway of a $100 Nike gift card as well as an awesome grand prize.

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commonsense102 commonsense102 7 years
cowboyplus cowboyplus 7 years
that is inspiring! i know i have school and a baby and it gets hard sometimes ... it's very encouraging to read this story.
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