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The Difference Between a Craving and Hunger

Craving vs. Hunger: What's the Difference?

OK so we have all these great ways on how to curb cravings but how can you tell if it's just a craving or if you're genuinely hungry? In the heat of the moment (say, just before you deep dive into a tub of chocolate cookie dough) it's not always that easy to determine which you're feeling, so ask yourself one simple question: Is it your mind talking or your stomach?

Still not sure, then use the little chart below to help you determine if you're genuinely hungry or just having a craving:

Craving Hunger
  • You are not physiologically hungry, just emotionally.
  • Only one food will alleviate your craving and the emotion intensifies the more you focus on it.
  • Cravings pass and go away if you give them time. Doing something else satisfies and distracts you and the craving usually disappears.
  • You are physically hungry and getting signals from your stomach (growls, pangs, or hollow feelings)
    and your brain (fogginess, lack of concentration, headache, or fatigue).
  • Any food will alleviate your hunger.
  • Hunger does not go away unless you eat.


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