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The Differences Between Infrared Saunas and Traditional Saunas

Infrared Saunas vs. Regular Saunas

infrared saunasIf I had to choose, I'd pick a nice moist steam room over a sauna any day. But last month, I purchased a massage deal that came with an infrared sauna session. Anything that is said to "eliminate toxins" piques my interest, so I was excited about what my first infrared sauna experience was going to be all about.

An infrared sauna looks similar to a traditional sauna except there aren't any hot coals since the heat is emitted from the built-in infrared heaters, which are located in the sides and the top of the sauna (don't worry, they aren't even hot to touch). Unlike a normal sauna that heats up quite quickly, relaxes the body and opens up the pores for a serious sweat session, an infrared sauna safely penetrates deep into joints and muscles with the same rays that come from the sun — minus the UV radiation.

Keep reading to learn more about my first infrared session.

After about thirty-five minutes in the infrared sauna, I did feel quite warm, but I wasn't over hot like I would normally be from a traditional sauna. And I was sweating a little bit, but again, not drench in sweat if I would have spent the same time in a sauna. To be completely honest, I felt pretty amazing.


Here's the thing. Infrared saunas help you excrete toxins, and they also said to boost your immune system, aid in weight control, and improve cardiovascular health. They provide all the benefits of sitting in the natural sunlight while protecting you from the dangerous effects of solar radiation. I was also told by the lady at the spa that an infrared session will help speed up the healing process when you have a cold, and your immune system is compromised.

I'm sold. What about you? Have you experienced the benefits of an infrared sauna?

Sources: Mainelytubs and Flickr User MiikaS

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missy1632 missy1632 6 years
Well, unlike the poster above (and also the original article author) I was sweating HEAPS in the infrared sauna I tried... I was in there for about 30mins. The therapist said not to take plastic cups inside, as they would melt (that's how hot it is) and as I wasn't told how long I would be in there, I didn't drink enough water, and as a consequence, I got a bit too hot and could feel my heart beating out of my chest! I didn't mind it all, but I wouldn't break my neck to go back again.
Savantrice Savantrice 6 years
This past holiday I got a chance to try an infrared sauna and a steam room for the first time. Personally, I prefer the steam because I just loved the amount of sweat it produced. Half the benefit of working out for me is working up a good sweat, so steam it is. In the infrared, though it was warm, I didn't really sweat and didn't feel like it was doing much for me. If given the opportunity, I'd probably try it again maybe a little longer (was only in the infrared for about 15 mins before I went back to the steam room to work up a sweat lol)
missy1632 missy1632 6 years
This is so timely! I got a scrub and wrap deal and I'm cashing it in TONIGHT, and it comes with an infa-red sauna before-hand. I am SO excited. I will post back to let you know what I think. I am a fan of both steam rooms and saunas, though I'd have to say steam is my fave... Although, in November, I took a nasty fall in the steam room and busted my elbow open on the tiled ledge. Scarred for life... my skin was so soft from the steam, as the doctor said 'it just peeled open like an apple'. YUCK! Hahhaa, I also ended up having to go to the emergency room as it was feared to be broken, luckily it wasn't... Anyway, now I am worried, hope I don't have an anxiety attack tonight! Eeek!
courtneyd courtneyd 6 years
I prefer the regular sauna. Part of the enjoyment for me is feeling the heat, which I miss with the infrared, even after a period of sitting inside. I would love to have a regular sauna installed in my home.
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