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What's the Deal With: Health and Magnets

Many of you said that when it comes to exercising, you don't like to wear jewelry. Dangly earrings can be annoying, yes, but the bracelet below looks sporty and comfortable.
Not your style? Don't worry, it's not for looks. Many athletes are wearing this type of magnetic bracelet or necklace strictly for the health benefits. Wearing magnets are said to relieve pain, remove tension from muscles, improve circulation, and combat fatigue. How? Electricity is constantly flowing throughout the body, and our cells emit positive and negative charges. If something disturbs the charges, an imbalance is created. Magnets are believed to regulate and balance the flow of energy throughout your body, which helps you relax when you're stressed and speed up recovery when you're hurt.

To find out if they really work continue reading.

Many alternative health philosophies believe that magnets can offer health benefits. It's similar to acupuncture or reiki, in that it works with your body's energy. Some people have great success with these types of therapy, while others don't. It's the same with magnets. My husband's father swears by his Trion:Z bracelet, and hasn't taken it off for months since it's helped relieve his tennis-elbow symptoms. Many professional athletes, such as members of the Red Sox, have worn Phiten titanium necklaces to give them energy and relieve aches and pains.

So tell me, have you tried magnetic therapy?

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