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Do Toe Scrunches to Help Prevent Keep Foot Injuries

Running Prehab: Toe Scrunch

Running can take a toll on your feet, but I have found a simple prehab (you know, avoid the injury before it happens) exercise to keep your dogs strong so you can stay on the road. Amy Yoder Begley, training partner of my fave runner Kara Goucher, shared her healthy running secrets with Runner's World. In her arsenal of preventative tricks: the toe scrunch.

This simple exercise strengthens the foot and shin muscles helping to keep overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis at bay. I have been doing 25 a day on each foot as part of my morning ritual, whether it is a running day or not; it takes under a minute to do. My feet have never felt better, especially after long runs.

This is a version of the toe scrunch I do with my Pilates clients to wake up and strengthen their feet. The stronger and more perceptive your base, the better your body performs.

  • Start with your left foot. Keep your heel on the ground, scrunch your toes and lift the sole of your foot off the ground.
  • Flex your toes and pull them away from the ground as you press the ball of your foot into the ground. Repeat with the right foot.
  • This completes one rep. Do 25 to 50 reps daily.

Have an exercise that keeps you on the road? Share it in the RunningSugar community group.

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