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Do Trim Treads Shoes Really Work?

I Don't Buy It: Tush-Toning Trim Treads

There's no shortage of toning shoes that promise to work your legs, sculpt your tush, and burn extra calories. We've got Earth Shoes that have a negative heel, and MBTs that have a rocker board inserted in the arch of the shoe. There are variations of FitFlops that look like regular shoes, but promise to burn calories and tone your lower body while you wear them. And there are tons of sneakers modeled after MBTs such as EasyTones and Sketchers Shape Ups. So when I saw an ad for these Trim Treads ($40 to $60) in a ladies' fitness mag, I thought, "Great, another toning shoe."

Above the pic of these funky shoes, the ad reads: "Wear your Trim Treads for 30 minutes a day for toned legs, lifted buns, a stronger core, perfect posture, stronger balance, and burning calories." Wow, that's a pretty steep list of promises for a pair of shoes. It's labeled as a fitness shoe, but I'm not sure if you're supposed to wear them while working out or just wear them around the house. They seem kind of wobbly and dangerous either way, but do they really do all they say they do? To find out how they claim to work,


Trim Treads can be worn while you go about your normal day, but they can also be used to do toning exercises to target different muscles in your legs. Since they require so much balance and concentration (so you don't fall on your ass), your leg muscles end up working in ways they wouldn't normally when wearing regular, flat-soled shoes.


After hearing all that, I was still skeptical, but when I read that these shoes "can significantly reduce the onset of varicose and spider veins," and "also diminish existing cellulite and prevent it from developing," I was completely pushed into the camp of not buying the hype. Varicose veins occur when your veins stretch and their valves fail, and while regular exercise can improve vein functioning and prevent varicose veins, it won't make them disappear.

These odd-looking shoes seem like a total waste of money when you could just buy a regular pair of sneaks and go for a 30-minute walk, jog, hike, or bike ride and end up effectively working your legs in a safe way. What do you think?





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