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Do You Always Wear a Bike Helmet?

Do You Always Wear a Helmet When You Bike?

This weekend, I did the unthinkable: I rode my bicycle without wearing a helmet. It's not something I normally do, and it's certainly not something I'd encourage to another cyclist. But this weekend was a little different; it was my neighborhood's annual street festival and more than 10 blocks were closed to automobile traffic. It allowed people on bikes, foot, and skates to leisurely wind through the neighborhood without worrying about cars. I rode at a very slow pace, stopping a lot to check out the various booths along the way. I also noticed that almost every cyclist at the festival was also without a helmet.

When it comes to long rides, fast rides, or any ride that involves sharing the road with a car, my helmet is always on. To be honest, with the exception of this annual street festival, I'm never without my helmet. I'd rather look dorky than take any chances at hurting myself.

How about you? Do you always wear a helmet when you bike, or does it come off during leisurely rides?

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outsung outsung 5 years
No, I only just learned to ride a bike and I can't quite turn my head without losing my balance so I don't want anything obscuring my vision. I felt bad at first but then I watched this video and it changed my mind completely:
Susi-May Susi-May 5 years
Yes! I feel naked without one. And lickety split, I hope that boy fully recovers.
lickety-split lickety-split 5 years
let me tell you all a sad story that is playing out now. my middle daughter's bff is a twin. that child was riding his bike 2 months ago and was hit by a car. because he was wearing a helmet he's alive. he is in and out of a coma, but he's alive and making progress, so we are hopeful. but if he had not been wearing a helmet he would have been killed immediately. btw, he was following all the rules of the road, as was the driver that hit him. it was a freak thing that happened w/ road construction, the bike and the car all ending up in the same place. wear a helmet!
amber512 amber512 5 years
Yes, unless I'm having a day where I DON'T care if my head is broken open by the road. Haven't had one of those days yet... It might seem overkill to some, because obviously I don't wear a helmet 24/7. But taking unnecessary risks isn't worth it to me.
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