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Baking is one of my favorite ways to unwind. Measuring, sifting, stirring — it's meditative for me. Plus it makes the house smell divine. The problem is, baking leads to baked goods, and since I have a sweet tooth I find my cookies, cakes, and pies difficult to resist. When I do bake these days, I tend to give a lot of my goodies away, but have backed off the baking considerably. If the sweets aren't in the house, I can't eat them. What's your relationship with baking?

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Mouzzer Mouzzer 7 years
No way! Listen, I am gonna eat the stuff anyway so I'd rather bake MY way without sugar, eggs and partially hydrogenated fats that are found in bought stuff. A piece of loaf does no harm. :) Everyone enjoys my extra high fiber breakfast loaves!
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 7 years
I generally bake on Sundays so that the husband and I can bring the bulk of what we make to work the day after OR we bake on Thursdays/Fridays since we play board/tabletop games with friends every weekend. If we bake, we plan to pawn off as much as we can on other eager tastebuds!
Kensington7 Kensington7 7 years
If I do bake I make it healthy but even you use whole wheat flour and natural sweeteners it's healthier but it's not healthy by any means. I would rather spend my time cooking a meal that I can actually eat than giving away something I baked. Of course it is nice to do that once in a while but I just don't have the kind of time to spend hours baking.
Advah Advah 7 years
I'm with Asche. If I want to have sweet things, I'd rather bake them then get ubersweet cookies I won't really enjoy from the shops. So I bake, have a few slices of cake and don't want to see it anymore, and leave the rest for my flatmates and coworkers.
Wild-Magelet Wild-Magelet 7 years
No, I love to bake. If it's something large like a cake, there are plenty of other people around who are going to want some as well, so I'm hardly going to keep them at bay with my foot or something while I devour the whole thing myself. :) And for smaller things like muffins and biscuits (cookies), I bake a batch, then portion them out into individual Glad bags and stick them in the freezer. If I want a couple of chocolate biscuits or a cupcake with dessert, I just defrost them.
danakscully64 danakscully64 7 years
No, I justify it by using Ener-G instead of eggs and margarine instead of butter :P The only reason I avoid baking is because I don't want to clean up the mess.
totygoliguez totygoliguez 7 years
I don't buy nor bake sweets for that reason. If you put a jar of cookies in front of me, I will eat them in front of me.
TiVo TiVo 7 years
Even though I like to bake, I don't do it in order to avoid temptation. I'll eat half the pan as soon as it comes out of the oven! I really hate it though when people bring their leftover junk food to the office. I keep this stuff out of my home for a reason! Keep that in mind, fellow fit friends. : )
ticamorena ticamorena 7 years
my willpower fluctuates from time to time - sometimes i can bake and not touch the finished item, even if it's something i'd really enjoy, other times i'll eat 1/4 of it in one sitting. but i find baking stressful, so i usually do it as a gift for others or for an event and i'll buy myself something from a patisserie
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I bake all the time. Usually, I eat a little of what I bake, then I bring the rest to work and whatever I make gets totally devoured by halfway through the morning. Works for me.
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 7 years
I don't refrain from baking but I'll try a healthier version of something if it's not too complicated. Also, I make my hubby take most of the goodies to work to give to his co-workers. :)
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
I avoid baking sweets because I completely suck at it. I can screw up refrigerator cookie dough. I'm not kidding! Plus, I HATE to measure. But, savory dishes? I'm your gal!
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
I'm somewhat with Asche on this one. Like her, I bake to avoid temptation (or manage temptation rather). Personally, I love muffins. I make a big batch (of the low-fat variety), have one, and freeze the rest. Whenever I crave a muffin, I would re-heat a frozen muffin (which tastes just like a freshly baked muffin) to satisfy my craving. I would have no temptation afterward because my craving is gone. This works for me.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Heck no. I bake like crazy, and then either eat a small portion or pawn the leftovers off on friends and neighbors. It was a great way to meet people in my new building.
goddessru goddessru 7 years
The great thing about baking at home is that you control everything. I always make lighter versions. And I try not to have more than 1 portion a day. I'm making apple crisp this weekend, with homemade vanilla ice cream. I can subsitute low fat cream and milk, and control the sugar in the apple crisp.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
I'm of the mindset that baked goods should be a rare treat, so I never bake. I have a cookie from Whole Foods once every few weeks, but that's it. It would be a huge waste of money for me to make a batch of cookies and then eat only one, and I don't want to force them all on my boyfriend.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
I have to willpower and my fiance is trying to lose weight. When we moved in together, he packed on 20lbs, half in part to my cooking and baking. :\ Been banned from baking until after the wedding.
britestcrayon britestcrayon 7 years
My problem is that I will eat half the cookie dough before it ever makes it into the oven. My new trick is to chew gum while I bake so that I'm not as tempted to taste test.
Prada12 Prada12 7 years
Im terrible when it comes to cakes and goodies, I will eat, but then diet hard for the next few days on fruit, water with honey and lemon, and non fattening, meat and veggie stuff so I dont feel too guilty.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
If I bake any kind of sweet like cookies, or cake, it is never for myself. Since I hate those things and have since I was a kid, I mostly make it for my ravenous boyfriend. If I bake something like a Italian bread or any kind of bread, I have absolutely no will power to NOT eat an entire loaf. Needless to say, I don't do much bread baking anymore.
Sundown321 Sundown321 7 years
I'm with Asche when it comes to making sweets. I LOVE making them, but usually find that I'm not hungry once I finish. I don't have much of a sweet tooth and I think smelling sugar for a long period of time makes me lose my appetite.
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