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Do You Buy 100-Calorie Snack Packs?

One-hundred calorie snack packs have attracted some fit fans, like Bob from The Biggest Loser, but these prepackaged snacks also have their share of haters. Consumer Reports criticized these low calorie portions in its December issue and concluded there are more reasons to skip these snacks than to scoop them.

The argument against 100-cal packs includes gripes like the fact that many of the products barely resemble the product they are supposed to imitate — for example, the Oreo snack packs. There are no creamy middles to be licked and a snacker may feel like the chocolate crackers she consumed wasn't even worth those 100-calories. Consumer Reports does give credit to the Cheez-It Right Bites and Doritos Nacho Cheese Mini Bites, saying those are the only two that are true taste replicas of the original.

Do you buy 100-calorie snack packs or do you pass them by?

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