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Do You Complain to Friends About Your Weight?

I have a friend who is constantly talking to me about her quest to lose weight. She's been dieting with Weight Watchers and hitting the gym regularly, but the scale is slow to budge. When we go clothes shopping, she's always making negative comments about the parts of her body she wishes would shrink. I love that she feels comfortable blabbing about her insecurities, because let's face it — what woman isn't self-conscious about her appearance in some way? I too have struggled with losing weight at times in my life (post-college and post-babies), and as her friend and a fellow health-conscious person, I try to be supportive. Plus, she's a great friend to confide in when I've overdone it in the dessert department and feel like I need to wear my fat jeans. Sometimes talking about our weight issues makes us feel better, knowing we're not the only ones who wish the fat deposited in our tush would migrate to our bust. So tell me . . .

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